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    Preparation Tips for Hiking the Bright Angel Trail on Colorado River Raft Trips

Preparation Tips for Hiking the Bright Angel Trail on Colorado River Raft Trips

So that Bright Angel Hike for the upcoming Colorado River raft trips is looming in the not too distant future? The days are ticking down before the trek begins. This is not an ordinary hike as it drops guests to the very heart of the earth within Grand Canyon. Consisting of around nine and a half miles of trail and over a four thousand foot elevation change, some describe this hike as a beast. Training ahead of time is mandatory for a hike such as this because on Upper Canyon trips this is the only way out of the Canyon and on the Lower Canyon trips, this is the only way in to the Canyon.

Preparing in advance for the desert terrain can enhance enjoyment as well as ability to see some of the hidden gems the Canyons has to offer. This trail is frequented by hikers and mules [...]

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    5 Reasons Hatch Is Happy Grand Canyon White Water Season Is Here

5 Reasons Hatch Is Happy Grand Canyon White Water Season Is Here

The first trip of 2015 hit the water this past Saturday. Every year the anticipation for those first Grand Canyon white water trips builds and builds throughout the winter months. Once blossoms begin to bloom and the snow begins to disappear from the San Francisco Peaks, life begins to return to both the Flagstaff office and the Marble Canyon warehouse. That bit of activity gets us excited for the year ahead. Hatch came up with a list of some of our favorite reasons that rafting season has rolled around.

Boats in the yard – There really is nothing better than cruising up to the warehouse and seeing activity and bustling workers prepping and rigging the rafts for a season. The rafts spend their winters safely rolled up inside of the warehouse which leaves the yard naked and vacant. Once those first rigs begin, boats litter the driveway awaiting their [...]

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    A Final Summary on the 2015 GTS Relating to Grand Canyon Raft Trips

A Final Summary on the 2015 GTS Relating to Grand Canyon Raft Trips

To finish the summary of topics presented at GTS, let’s look at the afternoon. Much about the history of Grand Canyon raft trips took place in the afternoon at GTS.

A late morning session on protecting the Grand Canyon was by the Grand Canyon Trust and the Native Voices Program. The proposed Grand Canyon Escalade Project on the Navajo reservation made national headline last year. At the west side of the South Rim, they will build hotel, shops, restaurant, and gondola tramway that will go from the Navajo land plateau for a ten minute ride down to a landing area that will have an amphitheater, snack bar and restroom, near the Little Colorado River (LCR). Some of the Navajo people oppose this project because they consider the river their sacred place. Save the Confluence website was set up to make sure people are informed. The Hopi tribe also opposes [...]

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    A Summary Colorado River Rafting Topics from the Morning at GTS

A Summary Colorado River Rafting Topics from the Morning at GTS

As was mentioned in a previous blog, Grand Canyon River Guides puts on a yearly Guide Training Seminar (GTS) before the Colorado River rafting season starts. This year, it was on March 28-29, 2015 and held at Hatchland in Marble Canyon, Arizona. This year’s focus and sessions were intertwined – protecting the Grand Canyon and river heritage – the notion of knowing our past so that one can be involve in the future.

Hatch thought it might be fun to share some of the learnings provided by the GTS seminar starting with the early presentations. The morning started with introductions from GC Youth, GC Historical Society, Whale Foundation, NAU’s Adopt-a-beach, GC Association, NPS Public Health, Invasive Species Action Net, and NPS river ranger.

One of the most interesting and pertinent topics was the summary of the high flow events. Zeke Lauck, from Northern Arizona University, talked about his findings on [...]

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Staying Moisturized on Grand Canyon Expeditions

As Arizona enters into the dryer desert months, Grand Canyon expeditions guests and guides endeavor to find ways to stay moisturized and comfortable. Some clients with curly hair have remarked how their hair is so beautiful and straighter than normal during the dry months in Arizona. Just as humidity can exacerbate curls, dryness can subdue them.

If it can have that kind of impact on hair just imagine the skin after a week in the sun. Moisturizing proves to be one of the most effective tools for staying comfortable for the whole trip in Grand Canyon. While typing this article in mid-April, my hands show twinge of alligator skin which proves the dryness that can so easily occur in this arid climate.

The first and foremost best thing to do for dryness remains staying hydrated. By drinking enough water every day, the skin will stay hydrated from the inside out [...]

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    Grand Canyon Outfitters Support the NPS Find Your Park Campaign

Grand Canyon Outfitters Support the NPS Find Your Park Campaign


On March 30, 2015, the National Park Service launched their “Find Your Park” campaign. This campaign is designed to promote education and awareness of this countries beautiful National Parks. In 2016, the National Park Service celebrates its 100 year centennial celebration. Grand Canyon outfitters support this campaign and invite you to #findyourpark. Get involved and check out the National Park Service’s YouTube here to see who’s sharing their park.

The first national park was Yellowstone. It became a national park in 1872 under the order of Ulysses S. Grant. Two others followed in 1890 including Sequoia and Yosemite. The Park Service was not created until 1916 to care for these amazing places throughout the United States. NPS now cares for more than 400 places from Alaska to Florida. In fact, “the National Park Service preserves unimpaired the natural and cultural resources and values of the National Park System for [...]

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    Grand Canyon Rafting Tours Guides to Gather for the Annual GTS

Grand Canyon Rafting Tours Guides to Gather for the Annual GTS

The Guides Training Seminar occurs annually every spring. Grand Canyon rafting tours guides come together at the Hatch warehouse which is located in Marble Canyon, Arizona to prepare for the upcoming year. Grand Canyon River Guides puts the event together and offers a land session followed by a river trip.

Both seminars strive to increase the knowledge base for guides rafting the Grand Canyon. From classes to certification refreshers to interpretive seminars, this event brings together many in the rafting community. Beyond the learning atmosphere, the social aspect provides benefit for people to learn one another within this small community. Outfitters, guides, National Park Service staff, educators and scientists are just some of the makeup of this event.

Imagine two hundred plus guides getting together for all things a rafting, Colorado River and Grand Canyon. The workshops are immensely diverse ranging from programs in Grand Canyon to experimental studies being [...]

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9 Lessons the Colorado River Can Teach Us about Life

Many a traveler has been pushed to inspiration while Colorado River rafting. Artists, photographers and poets alike see this place and cannot help but draw imaginative conclusions and interpretation. It has been discussed more than once how eerily similar the course of a river is to the course of a lifetime. Like a metaphor for human nature and human desire, the Colorado River never ceases to move voyagers from all about the globe. A Native American proverb (found on Pinterest of all places) states that, “No river can return to its source, yet all rivers must have a beginning.”

Comparisons between human existence and the waxing and waning of a river are theoretically endless. See some of the ways this lifeblood of a river can give just a few lessons to the meager mortal.

Just keep moving. Or is it “just keep swimming?” Either way, continue to press on. The [...]

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    Hatch Expeditions Offers Some Water Wise Tips to Save Water and Money Every Month

Hatch Expeditions Offers Some Water Wise Tips to Save Water and Money Every Month

Many residents of the western states cannot help but notice the change in climate over the past decade or so. With less rain and more sunshine, some communities are finding ways to adapt. With the Colorado River being a major focus for Hatch Expeditions, we have been on the lookout for things that we can do at home (and in the office) to reduce are water use and in the meantime drop those water bills.

Probably one of the best ways to watch water use would be to check the water bill every month. Many give a monthly comparison so clients can check what was used in previous months. Look for drastic changes that might lead to tracking down leaks. Water prices can be pretty high in many areas of the country so a little sleuth work might be just the ticket.
Check for leaks often. Be a detective [...]

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    Favorite Winter Pastimes for Grand Canyon White Water Enthusiasts

Favorite Winter Pastimes for Grand Canyon White Water Enthusiasts

Since the rafting season takes up only about half of the year, Grand Canyon white water enthusiasts find many other creative ways to enjoy the outdoors during the off-season. The combination of breathing fresh air combined with the endorphins provided by physical activity produces a combination worth chasing. Check out the list below to see some of the favorite pastimes that take up river guides and river rat’s time during the “not-rafting” months.

Colder Climate Winter Pastimes

Skiing – A favorite pastime of many a rafting guide during the off season and a great way to put some of those river certifications to good use. The exhilaration of downhill skiing or the relaxation or cross country can provide a fantastic reason to spend the day outside. Breathing in the mountain air and appreciating all of the glory that snow brings helps many an outdoors-man get through a cold winter.
Snowboarding [...]

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