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    Grand Canyon Adventures on Hatch’s Spring Hiking Focused Trip

Grand Canyon Adventures on Hatch’s Spring Hiking Focused Trip

Grand Canyon adventures lie ahead on any Hatch rafting trip. No trip provides more in depth exploration of the Canyon than the Hiking Focused Expeditions. This trip occurs usually towards the middle of April – prime season for hiking and exploring hidden places in Grand Canyon otherwise not seen.

Springtime generally offers the perfect weather for extended hikes with temperatures ranging from an average high of eighty two degrees to a low of fifty six degrees. Spring months throughout the Southwest can be a bit windy so plan accordingly as there might be more sand or dust at camp. As long as preparations are taken this generally does not affect the trip.

The season offers unique opportunities to not only experience extended hikes to hidden treasures but also to view nature that lives along the river corridor while in that beautiful springtime state. Wildflowers and the striking cactus blossoms bloom [...]

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Good Eats with Hatch River Expeditions

Guests traveling with Hatch River Expeditions often imagine that they might lose weight on expeditions such as this. Between the hiking and the idea that camp food might not be as enticing as imagined it is easy to understand. What guests are often not prepared for is the fact that Hatch guides and swampers are excellent cooks stocked by the wonderful food pack department with delectable meals throughout the whole trip. Food pack manager, Michelle, provided the following recipe for Grilled Salmon with Cajun Rub served with Mango Salsa. Mouths watering yet? Keep reading to see how to prepare this fancy dish at home.

Mango Salsa Recipe

Combine the following:

½ medium red onion, finely chopped
1 jalapeno chile, minced
1 ripe mango peeled, pitted and diced
1 ripe peach peeled, pitted and diced (can be substituted with 1 cup pineapple)
3 tbsp fresh lime juice
1 small cucumber, peeled and [...]

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Leave No Trace on Colorado River Raft Trips

Most concessionaires of Colorado River raft trips practice Leave No Trace ethics. While complying with local and federal laws as well as commercial operating requirements put into action by the National Park Service we make sure to maintain these ethics in all applicable aspects of Hatch River Expeditions. Below we have highlighted just some of our practices here at Hatch River Expeditions which our guides practice while also educating our guests in the meantime. Hopefully guests can take some of these tactics hope and begin to practice Leave No Trace in their daily and outdoors lives.

Minimizing impacts on campsites by instructing guests not to camp too near or trample desert and pre-dam riparian plant communities and to focus activity on sandbar areas. Thousands of guests camp along these beaches every year as well as the animals that call them home so leaving them as they were found in [...]

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Guests Review Grand Canyon Rafting Tours Guides

When guests finish expeditions with Grand Canyon rafting tours guides they have the opportunity to fill out a survey about their experience. These provide an opportunity for Hatch River Expeditions to continually hear feedback about expeditions. See some great reviews below to see what guests are saying about Hatch River Expeditions.



“Suggestions on what to bring were very helpful and information on the logistics at Cliff Dwellers was accurate and made the “pre-flight” stress free. [I]don’t know what more I could have asked for. [It was]magical, awe inspiring. A perfect mix of thrill, relaxation, adventure and learning, and the only vacation I can recall where I completely forgot about any problems back in the tick-tock world.” ~Ami B. of Arizona, August 28 Motorized


“If I could choose higher than excellent, I would!” ~Bev P. of Arizona, August 28 Motorized


“The guides were competent, knowledgeable, and friendly.Overall, we had an amazing experience [...]

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    What are the Hikes like on Grand Canyon White Water Rafting trips?

What are the Hikes like on Grand Canyon White Water Rafting trips?

Many a client has mentioned how, for them, the highlights of the trip included all of the unexpected and amazing side stops throughout. Though when Grand Canyon white water rafting the rapids provide excitement it’s the magical places found when venturing away from the river that provide the most intrigue.

Side stops and associated hikes can range from longer hikes like Deer Creek to short stops such as Redwall Cavern where the rafts pull up along the beach and guests are free to get out and play in the sand within this cavern. Nankoweap Granaries and Deer Creek provide guests with a bit more vigorous exercise but incomparable vistas and scenery are worth it.

Please note that trails in Grand Canyon are not regularly maintained and thus can be rocky and uneven. Some guests bring hiking poles to combat this. In instances like Deer Creek and Nankoweap there is quite [...]

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    Phantom Ranch Stops While Rafting Colorado River Grand Canyon

Phantom Ranch Stops While Rafting Colorado River Grand Canyon

Phantom Ranch offers a bit of respite for hot and tired hikers and those rafting Colorado River Grand Canyon in the Inner Gorge. Built conveniently and strategically along the banks of Bright Angel Creek (at about river mile 89), this camp has been in operation in its semi current state for about one hundred years. Native American ruins in the area show that in fact this site was actually used long before.

Famed architect Mary Coulter designed modern Phantom Ranch in the nineteen twenties at the behest of the Fred Harvey Company whom held the concession for the camp. Due to the rustic nature of the project there were of course some difficulties with the project including having to bring most building materials and tools in by mule. Now it boasts cabins, dorms, a restaurant, mule barns and even a ranger station.

It’s important to note that not all trips [...]

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Take a Cue from Labor Day and Take a Grand Canyon Raft Trip

Ever feel a little slow at work? Like motivation might be a bit lacking? This problem affects many, many…many people every year. There have been quite a few studies showing that relaxation can improve productivity. A Forbes article states that if only American employees would take one more paid day off a year it would result in $73 billion in output for the economy and would positively affect both employees and businesses. In fact the same article mentions that the average worker does not use an average of 3.2 paid time off days in 2013. What the what? Here at Hatch River Expeditions we find that figure astounding as our sole purpose in existing as a company is to provide guests with the ultimate Grand Canyon raft trip – the perfect get away from work.

Today we celebrate Labor Day which is a day reserved for the celebration of [...]

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How to Stay Cool on a Colorado River Rafting Trip

Heat on any Colorado River rafting trip can almost be guaranteed especially during the summer months. Temperatures can average over one hundred degrees during the daytime – which is usual for desert climates like those found in Grand Canyon. The warm temperatures paired with the cool and refreshing waters that make up the Colorado River can be the perfect combination. Guests often look for tips to help them stay cool while floating along on the raft in between rapids. Below find a few ideas to help keep the hot at bay.

Wear layers. Some guests need the layering for sun protection. Another plus to long sleeved shirts is that they can be dunked in the water and aid in evaporative cooling during those hot months. Sarah Hatch recommends bringing a men’s cotton button up shirt and using that to dunk and wear as cooling assistance.
Swim at every opportunity. [...]

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Canyon Heroes on Wilderness River Adventures

Hatch River Expeditions believes in maximizing wilderness river adventures to benefit a wide variety of guests. Experiencing the Canyon on a whitewater rafting trip is advantageous to people from all walks of life. Having diverse groups on our canyon trips not only adds value to our guest’s experiences but to our employees as well. Reaching out and contributing to the community is an incredibly important goal and we truly enjoy sharing Grand Canyon with a vast array of guests.

This year Hatch was fortunate to work with a group called Canyon Heroes for the third year in a row. This organization helps “wounded veterans by providing them with an opportunity to help recover from their combat experiences while rafting through the spectacular Grand Canyon on the Colorado River”. The trip launched in late July and was an overwhelming success. With great people and great scenery, anything is possible!

Below are [...]

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Keepin’ It Classy with Hatch Expeditions

Ever been in need of a simple yet elegant appetizer for a fancy dinner party? What about for a backyard barbecue? Entertaining proves extremely easy for those that take some times from Hatch Expeditions in Grand Canyon!

After an exciting day of exploring hidden slot canyons or hiking up to enjoy the relaxation of a pristine waterfall, an evening in camp offers the promise of relaxation and recuperation before the next day’s escapades. Set up camp and change into some comfy camp clothes then meander on down to the kitchen area. Often time’s guests congregate around this area and set up a semi-circle of chairs to watch the show.

Our guides know that those smells arising from their setup are enticing as they prepare the feast for dinnertime. To combat excessive mouthwatering, an appetizer is prepared to enhance evening conversations and allow for gourmet feast cooking. Considering the wilderness essence [...]

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