Keepin’ It Classy with Hatch Expeditions

Ever been in need of a simple yet elegant appetizer for a fancy dinner party? What about for a backyard barbecue? Entertaining proves extremely easy for those that take some times from Hatch Expeditions in Grand Canyon!

After an exciting day of exploring hidden slot canyons or hiking up to enjoy the relaxation of a pristine waterfall, an evening in camp offers the promise of relaxation and recuperation before the next day’s escapades. Set up camp and change into some comfy camp clothes then meander on down to the kitchen area. Often time’s guests congregate around this area and set up a semi-circle of chairs to watch the show.

Our guides know that those smells arising from their setup are enticing as they prepare the feast for dinnertime. To combat excessive mouthwatering, an appetizer is prepared to enhance evening conversations and allow for gourmet feast cooking. Considering the wilderness essence [...]

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The River Beyond the Exit from Colorado River Raft Trips

On the last day of Full and Lower trips, guests board the helicopter and depart from their Colorado River raft trips. Flying up and over the Canyon provides a magnificent perspective of Grand Canyon stretching into the distance. Being enveloped within the canyon walls for days can often make guests and guides alike forget what lies beyond. Though it is undeniable the impact that the Colorado River has had on Grand Canyon specifically also note that this river has a dramatic impact on landscapes elsewhere in the Southwest.

The Southwest has a major appetite for water for both personal and agricultural uses. This has lead populations to divert flows to specific communities and regions. Due to these changes in the natural flow of the river, the nature of the Colorado has changed as well. As it flows south the river narrows and eventually dries out before ever reaching its [...]

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    Impressive Evaluations from White Water Rafting in the Grand Canyon

Impressive Evaluations from White Water Rafting in the Grand Canyon

It is no secret that Hatch River Expeditions believes that guest input may be the most important factor in our continued success white water rafting in the Grand Canyon. Guides and staff alike enjoy reading the wonderful reviews received from our rafting clients as we can continue to learn and grow with the input. Review below some of these impressive evaluations we have received from recent rafting trips.


“The amount of effort and logistics involved in this trip, in retrospect, was truly impressive. That the entire trip went as smoothly as it did is a testament to the people that work at Hatch.” ~Kenneth K. of Michigan, August 3 Motorized


“This is a Must do trip for Anyone who enjoys the great outdoors I can’t thank you guys enough , the food was fantastic And the service was great. , only thing that could of been better would of been [...]

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    What’s the Best Way to Bathe while Colorado River Rafting?

What’s the Best Way to Bathe while Colorado River Rafting?

On any back country trip bathing becomes a popular concern. Colorado River rafting poses the same difficulty though we don’t like to think of it as such. Once guests depart their motel rooms, showers become more than scarce until the duration of the expedition. But remember that while amenities may be in short supply, water is not.

The Colorado River itself offers guests ample opportunities for bathing. The use of biodegradable soap (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc) is only allowed in the main channel of the river. This water only reaches about 50 or so degrees Fahrenheit so it can be a bit chilly. A great guest recommendation is to put all toiletries on a lanyard to be easily warn down to the river then only submersing a bit and using splashing to assist in these undertakings.

Although soap may not be used in the side streams, guests often take [...]

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Ringtail Cats on Wilderness River Adventures

As humans embarking on wilderness river adventures it is important to note that we are outsiders entering a pristine environment. The Grand Canyon provides homes to a number of animals that have been dwelling here for centuries and beyond. That being said, guests on our rafting trips might have the opportunity to see and experience wildlife firsthand. This often serves as a highlight and spotting animals can be exciting but guests also tend to enjoy finding evidence of them as well even if they can’t be seen.

An extremely elusive animal that makes its residence in the desert southwest is the ringtail cat. These are nocturnal animals meaning that they usually only come out at night. Discernible by their long, straight tail with rings on it, these mammals are distant relatives of raccoons. They use their long tail to help them in balancing along cliffs and ledges – what [...]

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Wonderful Words from a True Arizona River Runner

Today we had a wonderful visit in the office with some of our Arizona river runners. Bill Quigg and his daughter Leslie stopped in to visit with us here in Flagstaff. After visiting with them we felt compelled to share some wonderful words from a wonderful lady. Veteran river runner, Sue Quigg, passed away this summer and to say she will be sorely missed is an understatement. In her spirit we wanted to share her wonderful thoughts about her river trip this summer.  


“Kelly Wagner, our guide and Chelsea DeWeese, our swamper were by far the best we have ever had. They worked so well together which made for a memorable trip. I cannot say enough about Kelly who was the best boatperson out of our nine trips. From the beginning of the trip to the end she took on the leadership role and provided us with information about [...]

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Ride the Side Tubes while Rafting the Grand Canyon

The best way to experience the rapids while rafting the Grand Canyon is to get up close and personal. Imagine dropping through the rapids with all of the excitement and exhilaration that whitewater rafting has to offer. The side tubes prove the perfect vantage point to view the grandiose Grand Canyon and splash through the tremendous whitewater.


A Hatch Motorized raft is called an S-Rig. The term S-Rig describes the way the raft is rigged together. These rafts are 35’ long and 16’ wide which provides ample room for passengers. Notice on a Hatch Motorized raft that the boat consists of the “donut” or oval shaped tube along with adjacent two side tubes acting as pontoons. There are other components to the raft as well but let’s not get too complicated.


Through many of the rapids, Hatch guides provide guests with the opportunity to sit out on the side tubes. [...]

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River Clarity on Grand Canyon Expeditions

The natural state of the Colorado River happens to be a bit (or more than a bit) muddy. In fact, that silt and sand was and is a major factor in the health of the river. When the Glen Canyon Dam was completed in 1966, much of the sediment from tributaries such as the Green River and the San Juan River became trapped behind the concrete. That’s why guests on Grand Canyon expeditions often see photos of the river running clear or greenish in color – the sediment has been “filtered” out as the cool green water entering Glen Canyon and on to Grand Canyon has come from the depths of Lake Powell.

John Wesley Powell stated, “The elements that unite to make the Grand Canyon the most sublime spectacle in nature are multifarious and exceedingly diverse”. Earth and water combining over millions of years created the Canyon. Removing [...]

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    How to Decide Between Full Canyon Grand Canyon White Water Rafting Trips

How to Decide Between Full Canyon Grand Canyon White Water Rafting Trips

With all the options for Grand Canyon white water Rafting trips it can be difficult to decide which option is best. Find some answers to some often asked questions below.


What length of trip?

Our best advice… go for as long as you can. Choose a trip that takes you the full length of the Canyon. You will be glad you did. This is not a trip to squeeze into your hectic schedule, but rather an escape from it. You will not want to miss a single mile, nor have to choose between the equally spectacular upper or lower sections of the Grand Canyon.


What time of year works best?

Weather in Grand Canyon can vary by season. April, May and September tend towards more mild weather though the spring can see a bit of wind. June is by far the busiest month on the river and Hatch books up usually over [...]

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Rave Review from Rafting Colorado River Grand Canyon

Let it be known that Hatch River Expeditions has the best guests rafting Colorado River Grand Canyon! Upon completion of these exciting river trips guests share their wonderful thoughts on their experience.See one travelers thoughts on her experience below.

“AMAZING!!! I don’t know what they get paid, but it’s not enough. We were entertained, shown wonderful sites, we felt safe, and were told wonderful stories and information and history about the canyon all along the way. You have super people working for you, and we so appreciated their hard work. AMAZING!!

This was the first vacation my husband and I have taken in 6 years. I booked this without a lot of input from him as he is not an adventure seeker/adrenaline junky, nor does he like to get out of town too often. You could say he’s a homebody, and that would be an understatement. However, he [...]

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