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    Packing Day & Night Dry Bags on Motorized Trips Rafting Colorado River Grand Canyon

Packing Day & Night Dry Bags on Motorized Trips Rafting Colorado River Grand Canyon

A bit of clarification seems necessary for guests on how to pack their day and night bags for rafting Colorado River Grand Canyon. Hatch provides two dry bags for each guest during the morning orientation at Cliff Dwellers Lodge. All guests must have a duffel bag to store their gear along with some sort of day pack or backpack for day hikes. The dry bags that Hatch provides are only for use on the river thus the necessity of a duffel bag.

Night Dry Bag

When guests receive their dry bag, included in them already will be some of the aspects of a sleep kit including the ground cloth, sleeping bag, pillow and sheet. These items remain in the bottom of the bag. The dimensions for this dry bag are 18” in diameter and 31” tall for a total volume of 127 L. The best practice is simply to take [...]

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    Flashback Friday – Ted Discusses Historic Wilderness River Adventures

Flashback Friday – Ted Discusses Historic Wilderness River Adventures

After visiting with old friends of the Hatch family this afternoon, recalling stories of past wilderness river adventures hold a new and invigorated interest. These pioneers in the field hold valuable information about a place changed by innovation. Appreciation that these stories were written down grows with every passing day. The Flashback Friday this week continues with the interview between Elizabeth Sowards and Ted Hatch from 1984.


Ted: You can see these old Model A Ford wheels. (Laughs) Those were new Model A. Ford wheels then. This was named Lota Ve after…. Alt Hatch had named his daughter Lota. I don’t know if you remember Alt. He was manager, eventually, of the Pennys Store in Boulder.

E. Sowards: He was you dad’s brother.

Ted: Yes.

E. Sowards: Was that his whole name, Alt? Or was that a nickname?

Ted: Alton was his name.

E. Sowards: Alton.

Ted: You knew “Bay” Hatch. He didn’t run the [...]

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Reviews from Grand Canyon Rafting Reservations

A fantastic way Hatch continues to improve Grand Canyon rafting reservations is through post travel surveys. Guests have the ability to fill these out upon return home from expeditions to share their thoughts of their trip. From glowing reviews to well-meant suggestions, Hatch has the ability to learn and improve with guest feedback. Sharing thoughts of guests that have traveled through the Canyon can aid future guests in their understanding of such a trip. See a few reviews below.

“Our team of Scott, Rachel, and Zach made the trip extra special. In addition to being technically excellent drivers, I felt our safety and well-being were at the top of their list. They worked tirelessly to ensure an outstanding experience. I was particularly impressed with Zach. The Swamper has most of the thankless tasks, and Zach maintained a super-positive attitude, cheerfully carrying out every duty. His enthusiasm was energizing to [...]

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    Hatch River Expeditions Discusses Special Diets on the River

Hatch River Expeditions Discusses Special Diets on the River

Let’s talk about special diets on the river for a moment. Over the past ten years, guests have become increasingly educated about food and dietary concerns. Hatch River Expeditions, along with all the other river concessionaires, abide by the National Park Service’s “Healthy Parks, Health People” initiative which promotes healthy eating. Hatch sources from local or organic options when available though it can sometimes be a bit challenging due to limited vendors and rustic locations. That being said, we continue to grow and learn to provide guests with filling, delicious and healthy meals. Many a guest has left the river shocked and dismayed by the quality and quality of food. More than one has mentioned gaining a pound or two on a river trip.

Hatch accommodates many dietary restrictions such as vegetarian or pescetarian. Due to limited storage on the rafts and limited time for cooking separate meals, accommodating [...]

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    Hatch Expeditions Continues on with Flashback Friday Featuring Ted Hatch

Hatch Expeditions Continues on with Flashback Friday Featuring Ted Hatch


Hatch Expeditions shares the continuation of the discussion of boats used for those first in this interview between Ted Hatch and Elizabeth Sowards from June 20, 1984. It can be fascinating to hear personal accounts and perhaps a bit of hearsay about some of those early players in the rafting game. Read below for some juicy tidbits about the good ol’ days.


E. Sowards: Now, did [Bus Hatch] study about… like, did he read about what John Wesley Powell had done?

Ted: Oh, yes.

E. Sowards: So he would know what to take with him.

Ted: They knew exactly. They talked with Clyde Eddy who had gone about three or four years earlier. (Clyde Langston Eddy went in 1927 with the 10th expedition) Eddy and Galloway went through. Well, Galloway had been arrested by Frank Swain who was the Sheriff over here in Vernal, and they threw Galloway in jail. He had [...]

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A Grand Canyon Raft Trip Makes You A…

For guests taking a Grand Canyon raft trip, it’s good to know in advance that it might cause changes. From typical businessman, stay at home mom, kid looking to find their path or golf loving retiree, there may be the possibility that a river trip might make you into something else. Below Hatch has come up with a list of 5 other “professions” that bring out in the average guest. And this list doesn’t come lightly. Post trip surveys have been scoured to find some of the comments guests have made. These are just a few of the significant influences triggered by taking a river trip.

Tourist. Easy to do considering the view. Grand Canyon is the second most visited National Park. About 4.8 million guests admired those colorful cliffs and canyons in 2015. And to think that less than 1% of those people get to see it from [...]

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    Ted Hatch Continues His Interview about the History of Hatch River Expeditions

Ted Hatch Continues His Interview about the History of Hatch River Expeditions

This Flashback Friday, Ted continues his story about the history of Hatch River Expeditions in Grand Canyon and elsewhere in the West. Read some of the interview between Elizabeth Sowards and Ted Hatch from June 20, 1984.

E. Sowards: I was reading in this John Wesley Powell Book, and it’s quite interesting.

Ted: Oh, yeah.

E. Sowards: Someone had done some art work in it. See the three arches there.

Ted: Yes. The triple alcoves.

E. Sowards: And it has these pictures.

Ted: Oh, the pottery. Oh, that great. Those pots are really neat, and they date the culture….two to three thousand years old. Now I have found a lot of pottery chips of this type.

E. Sowards: That’s quite a pretty design. Up on one…..we stopped up on that one little knoll and saw that one house. I can’t remember the name of that. It was a wider spot in the river, and we [...]

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    Reviews about Our Grand Canyon Rafting Tours Guides Keep on Coming

Reviews about Our Grand Canyon Rafting Tours Guides Keep on Coming

A new wave of client testimonials has flooded into the Hatch office and with it some kind observations about guest experiences on the river. Alas, the weather has been undeniably chilly which has been a common theme on the reviews. Always remember that April, May and September might be a bit chilly on the river so pack accordingly. Sounds to us, though, like most guests made the most of the cold spell and still enjoyed everything Hatch Grand Canyon rafting tours guides have to offer. See some kind reviews below!


“Ray, Dominic and Wes were most helpful in every way, and wonderfully knowledgeable along the way. A great outdoor adventure with great leadership, food and logistics that made all the difference.”

~Mike C, May 11 Motorized


“Katy was very helpful and made the whole process easy. [Pre-trip materials were] clear and concise. When we had a question, it was quickly and [...]

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    Ted Hatch Regales Us with His Grand Canyon Adventures Once Again

Ted Hatch Regales Us with His Grand Canyon Adventures Once Again

A favorite day of the week! Flashback Friday’s growing popularity has inspired Hatch to continue looking into the past to find fantastic stories about Grand Canyon adventures. The telling tales from Ted Hatch continue with this fascinating story from the interview between Ted and Elizabeth Sowards. They talk about the river and discuss practices from a time before the Canyon was regulated and protected. As always take these words with the understanding that adventuring fifty years ago was much different than today. Guests explored and were able to go to places that today are preserved. Learn from their tales and imagine a world where very few people had touched.

Ted: This is a shot looking out of Red Wall Cavern. Do you remember it?

E. Sowards: Uh-huh, the big one.

Ted: The great, big cavern. You go in and people say, “Why don’t you camp in there it’s so nice, but [...]

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Kind Words from Guests After Rafting the Grand Canyon

After every expedition, guests have the opportunity to fill out trip surveys about rafting the Grand Canyon. Praise for guides and compliments for office staff often litter the comments which are greatly appreciated all around. Check out what guests are saying.


“Magnolia is always very quick to respond, informative and a pleasure to talk with. She is a great asset to Hatch.

I was fortunate to have JP, Scott and Kelly as guides again this year. Each has their unique strengths and they work well as a team. They are all so patient, knowledgeable and experts in their roles.

This is my third trip with Hatch and you always exceed my expectations.”

~Linda B., 12 Day Hiking Focused April 11


“I felt that Magnolia went above and beyond for me. A++ customer service from her.

Such good energy and good people. I feel really blessed to have been able to adventure with their leadership. [...]

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