Retro Hatch River Expeditions Souvenirs

Hatch River Expeditions has been in the industry for a long time. Like three generations long. This year was the 80th year rafting in Grand Canyon. From Bus Hatch to Ted Hatch and on to Steve Hatch, Hatch has been providing memories to last a lifetime for generations. In years past, Hatch River Expeditions operated on not only the Grand Canyon but also in Dinosaur National Monument, Cataract Canyon and the Salmon River. Now, of course, Hatch chooses to focus solely on the Grand Canyon and provide the ultimate adventure vacation on the Colorado River.

Though much has changed in the industry, guest preferences for retail items have not. Check out these awesome post cards and bumper stickers from years past. While rifling through the back closet at the Hatch River Expeditions office in Flagstaff, AZ, these fun and retro souvenirs were discovered. The bumper sticker shows that guests [...]

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Grand Canyon River Tours Visit Redwall Cavern

One of the most interesting sections of the river when taking Grand Canyon river tours lies in the Upper Canyon near river mile 33. Within about a mile lie 3-4 significant sights. First see South Canyon followed by Stanton’s Cave then Vasey’s Paradise and lastly Redwall Cavern. After viewing the first three sights, the cavern seems somewhat insignificant from afar. In some lights it just looks like a shadowy overhang. As the boats approach, the magnitude of this captivating cavern comes into view.

Redwall Cavern is carved from the redwall limestone. Likely created during the Colorado River’s high flows of centuries past, its beautiful beach is alluring. John Wesley Powell stated, “The water sweeps rapidly in this elbow of river, and has cut its way under the rock, excavating a vast half-circular chamber, which, if utilized for a theater, would give sitting to 50,000 people. Objection might be raised [...]

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Grand Canyon White Water Trips in July and August

Guests often find themselves surprised to find out that many repeat customers prefer the months of July and August for their Grand Canyon white water expeditions. Understandably the high temperatures can prove daunting. These trips fill just the same as any other trips throughout the summer. Grand Canyon is a desert and heat is to be expected. Prepare with Hatch’s handy packing list and experience some of the wonders of Grand Canyon not experienced the rest of the year. Below are a few tidbits as to why some guests choose these months.

Cool Combo – As has been mentioned a plethora of times, the water flowing through the Colorado River in Grand Canyon peaks around 52 degrees. For those unfamiliar with river temperatures, this is a bit chilly. Plenty of guests use these summer months to counteract those chilly splashes. When it’s 99 degrees outside, a 50 degree splash [...]

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Small Splurges on Grand Canyon White Water Rafting Trips

A major factor that any guest booking Grand Canyon White Water Rafting Trips considers around the time of booking is the packing list and how to dress. Hatch provides a thorough packing list to all guests but sometimes guest wonder what might enhance their comfort above and beyond this list. Below are some small splurges to consider when reviewing that packing list.

For guests either traveling during the cooler months (think April, May or September) or even those who get chilled a bit easily, neoprene pants can be awesome. Generally, full wetsuits are not recommended as they are pretty thick. Even swim pants are great. They just act as a layer of protection or insulation from those chilly splashes.

On the neoprene bandwagon, an extra splurge for some guests has proven to be the neoprene booties to replace socks under active sandals. The benefits of keeping feet warm, covered so [...]

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Grand Canyon Rafting Tour Guides Visit Daytona

Daytona Beach has been a hoot thus far. Grand Canyon rafting tour guides and outfitters have gathered in this lovely beach town for a conference about the up and coming issues and products in this industry. Sometimes it is nice to step away from Northern Arizona and associate with many other companies from all over America. And the seafood doesn’t hurt either.

The hotel and conference center are directly on the beach which is wonderful. No cars needed and shoes are optional (joking). Though really this is a fun and interesting convention because of the nature of these businesses. Think shorts and flip flops instead of dress coats and ties. Though it is a work conference, Hatch employees have spent quite a bit of time outside and at the beach. The sounds of the waves are enchanting, though it is an unnerving feeling staying in a state surrounded on [...]

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    When is the Best Time of Year to Book Grand Canyon Raft Trips?

When is the Best Time of Year to Book Grand Canyon Raft Trips?

A question received very often is what time of year is best to book Grand Canyon raft trips. All families vary in their decisions as to when to book. Some groups think about their summer vacations during their summer vacation the year before. Some charter groups plan years in advance and get on Hatch waitlists to be called when calendars open up. Hatch already has waitlists for some dates in 2017 and beyond! A large portion of guests plan their trips towards the last minute in the winter prior to their vacation.

The best option is to book sooner rather than later. Especially for guests looking at dates in May or June, Hatch recommends looking into reservations at least a year in advance. June is specifically busy because of families schedules between school and sports. Calendars usually open up either January or February of the year before. An example [...]

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    Grand Canyon Outfitters Attend the America Outdoors Association Conference

Grand Canyon Outfitters Attend the America Outdoors Association Conference

Every year, Grand Canyon outfitters attend the America Outdoors Association conference. The location varies by year. Last year, the whole Hatch office crew visited neighboring Albuquerque, New Mexico for this event. This year the conference will be held in beautiful Daytona Beach, Florida which is lucky for these Flagstaff residents because it has been COLD here lately. Waking up to 12 degree temperatures is a bit chilly so 70 degrees and beach weather sounds like a treat.

This conference is by no means a complete vacation, though. Hatch employees attend many seminars relating to many things regarding our business. AOA is a collection of all kinds of outdoor outfitters from around the country. Whether it is other rafting companies, zip line adventures and even hunting outfitters, people of likeminded businesses converge to learn about the industry. Between the networking events and learning about enhancements in the industry, this conference [...]

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    Dog Friendly Workplace at this Grand Canyon Rafting Reservations Office

Dog Friendly Workplace at this Grand Canyon Rafting Reservations Office

Whether it’s the protective corgi or the optimistic Labradors, this Grand Canyon rafting reservations office maintains its bark friendly environment. Employees are encouraged to bring in pups of all sizes to the office during the work day. In fact, much of the new office construction was designed especially to make it dog friendly. The UPS man, Victor, is well acquainted with the gang and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Studies have shown that employees are more productive when having their furry friends with them in the office. It could be because there is no worry about how the dogs are doing at home or it could be the “lick breaks” that these canines offer. Though we probably shouldn’t admit it to the big boss, we honestly probably spend about 30 minutes per day petting, playing fetch with or rolling on the floor wrestling with these big (and [...]

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    Hatch is Thankful for Much More than Just Colorado River Rafting

Hatch is Thankful for Much More than Just Colorado River Rafting

As Thanksgiving approaches, Hatch River Expeditions takes the time to reflect on just a few of the things that we are incredibly thankful for. Being in this business is a blessing and something we appreciate every single day but it’s always good to write down some things we are thankful for and share them with the world.

Hatch is thankful for our clients – Memories made on the river last a lifetime. Every individual guides and staff meet make an impact in some way. Seeing the transformation of guests after Colorado River rafting provides a magical insight into a person’s soul. The depths of the Canyon and the solitude that lies below can alter a person’s perspective and we are so thankful to be a part of that.
Hatch is thankful for the Grand Canyon – Beyond the obvious that this place is where we conduct business; the Grand [...]

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    Where do the Rafts Go After Grand Canyon White Water Rafting?

Where do the Rafts Go After Grand Canyon White Water Rafting?

Some of the favorite memories from Grand Canyon white water rafting come on the last evening before the helicopter ride out of the canyon. Lava Falls signals the end of the adventure and what a perfect way to go out. Full and Lower Canyon trips camp near Whitmore Wash where the helicopter pad awaits.

Upon pulling into camp, the guides kick it into high gear. Simultaneously preparing the last big meal of the expedition and also preparing the rafts for their almost 100 river mile trek the following day. These hard working men and women efficiently roll up the side tubes (on Motorized trips) that have provided enormous river rafting fun and stow them to help improve the speed at which they can travel. They also add a second motor to get them their quicker. When it is considered that guests on the motorized trips travel an average of [...]

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