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    Dog Friendly Workplace at this Grand Canyon Rafting Reservations Office

Dog Friendly Workplace at this Grand Canyon Rafting Reservations Office

Whether it’s the protective corgi or the optimistic Labradors, this Grand Canyon rafting reservations office maintains its bark friendly environment. Employees are encouraged to bring in pups of all sizes to the office during the work day. In fact, much of the new office construction was designed especially to make it dog friendly. The UPS man, Victor, is well acquainted with the gang and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Studies have shown that employees are more productive when having their furry friends with them in the office. It could be because there is no worry about how the dogs are doing at home or it could be the “lick breaks” that these canines offer. Though we probably shouldn’t admit it to the big boss, we honestly probably spend about 30 minutes per day petting, playing fetch with or rolling on the floor wrestling with these big (and [...]

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    Hatch is Thankful for Much More than Just Colorado River Rafting

Hatch is Thankful for Much More than Just Colorado River Rafting

As Thanksgiving approaches, Hatch River Expeditions takes the time to reflect on just a few of the things that we are incredibly thankful for. Being in this business is a blessing and something we appreciate every single day but it’s always good to write down some things we are thankful for and share them with the world.

Hatch is thankful for our clients – Memories made on the river last a lifetime. Every individual guides and staff meet make an impact in some way. Seeing the transformation of guests after Colorado River rafting provides a magical insight into a person’s soul. The depths of the Canyon and the solitude that lies below can alter a person’s perspective and we are so thankful to be a part of that.
Hatch is thankful for the Grand Canyon – Beyond the obvious that this place is where we conduct business; the Grand [...]

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    Where do the Rafts Go After Grand Canyon White Water Rafting?

Where do the Rafts Go After Grand Canyon White Water Rafting?

Some of the favorite memories from Grand Canyon white water rafting come on the last evening before the helicopter ride out of the canyon. Lava Falls signals the end of the adventure and what a perfect way to go out. Full and Lower Canyon trips camp near Whitmore Wash where the helicopter pad awaits.

Upon pulling into camp, the guides kick it into high gear. Simultaneously preparing the last big meal of the expedition and also preparing the rafts for their almost 100 river mile trek the following day. These hard working men and women efficiently roll up the side tubes (on Motorized trips) that have provided enormous river rafting fun and stow them to help improve the speed at which they can travel. They also add a second motor to get them their quicker. When it is considered that guests on the motorized trips travel an average of [...]

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What to Do in the Off Season for River Rafting Grand Canyon

Though winter seems like a slow time for anyone river rafting Grand Canyon that is not always the case. The off season can provide the perfect time for planning for next season. Here in the office, 2015 bookings are in full swing and showing no signs of slowing down. For guests booked for next year, below are a few tips to help get through the wait before getting back on the river next year.

Clean – Definitely the most uninteresting on this list. Cleaning can be a great way to organize while also reflecting on memories of trips past.

Shop – Winter can be the perfect time to load up on river essentials. Sales come about often during the slow season so keep those eyes peeled for important river gear. For questions, please find the appropriate river rafting packing list. Remember that sales dwindle as summer approaches so planning ahead [...]

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    Fantastic Reviews about Fantastic Grand Canyon Rafting Tours Guides

Fantastic Reviews about Fantastic Grand Canyon Rafting Tours Guides

Goodness knows that everyone loves a bit of positive reinforcement. And our Grand Canyon rafting tours guides are no exception in that department. What a wonderful feeling when guests and guides create a bond while traveling along the Colorado River. Below are some fantastic reviews from guests on our September 11 Motorized trip. These guests truly make this job special as we love sharing the Canyon with others and we say thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with us.

“Every question was answered promptly. Friendly and helpful staff. Love Tanner and Amanda! They took great care of us, all our dietary needs, made sure we had fun! We spoke with Jeremiah at the warehouse and he was also warm and friendly. Everyone we meet was wonderful.We had a fabulous time! Our guides Tanner and Amanda went over and above to meet our needs and make sure we had [...]

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    Were People on the First Grand Canyon Adventures Surprised by the Big Ditch?

Were People on the First Grand Canyon Adventures Surprised by the Big Ditch?

Ever wondered if people in the first Grand Canyon adventures were just walking along and were suddenly startled by the fact that a gigantic canyon arose before them? The Arizona landscape varies dramatically from grassy prairies to desert environments to forested mountains and even steep cliffs. Though to a geologist or other expert it may seem obvious and likely that a Canyon lies ahead due to geographical changes or other indicators, the average nomadic tribe or European explorer may not have seen it coming. While visiting the Grand Canyon at the South Rim many will notice the sudden and abrupt drop off. Ever wondered if someone didn’t notice the big ditch and just drove their wagon right over the edge? Though there have surely been accidents along those cliffs, it seems that many of the first visitors may not have been as awed and impressed as modern visitors.

For [...]

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Orientation for a Colorado River Rafting Trip

A Colorado River rafting trip (Full and Upper Canyon) begins with guests meeting a Hatch employee in front of the restaurant at Cliff Dwellers Lodge. Orientation begins promptly at 8:30 AM. Guests usually gather around the “island” parking area where Hatch vans pull up to begin the orientation.

Well before the orientation, guests interested in Hatch gear can head over to the warehouse (anyone can show you the way) where the store is located upstairs. The store is open from 8:00 AM to around 8:20. This leaves enough time to get back for the orientation.

Sometime before orientation begins, make sure to mosey on over to the Cliff Dwellers store if you filled out a beverage order form. Cliff Dweller Lodge processes these drink orders directly and has them waiting outside the shop. Guest find their order, check to make sure it is correct, and then head on over to [...]

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Over Packing for a Grand Canyon Raft Trip

Knowing my condition for habitually over packing, before my Grand Canyon raft trip last year, I pledged not to go overboard. I decided that tackling this task first and foremost required organization. The first thing that I did was review Hatch’s packing list and purchase what was lacking.

TIP: Active wear can be expensive. Start early and shop around. You don’t necessarily have to raid REI. Check out places like Ross or Marshalls for a better deal.

The next step was to lay everything out and scope out what was really needed. Turns out that four pairs of shoes and 3 different hats might not have really been that necessary – so my piles were whittled down to the (in my mind) bare minimum.

Even so, it turns out that I might have overdone it on the toiletries. At first the toiletries contained: Sunscreen x3, Face Sunscreen, Body Lotion, Face Lotion, [...]

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Friday Fun Facts About Grand Canyon Expeditions

History surrounding Grand Canyon expeditions shows some fascinating characters and surprising facts. When compared to the Canyon’s history overall, it’s probably safe to say that river running is in its infancy. Why do stories in Grand Canyon become so fascinating? Check out a few interesting facts to brighten up any Friday with some fun trivia.

The Colorado River flows through multiple states including Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California. In fact in terms of water it is divided into the Upper and Lower Colorado River basin.
The last river trip navigating Glen Canyon all the way down to Lees Ferry was in 1957. According to the US Bureau of Reclamation the sign approaching Kane Creek during this time read “Attention. You are approaching Glen Canyon Dam Site. All boats must leave river at Kane Creek Landing one mile ahead on right. Absolutely no boats allowed in construction zone. Violators [...]

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What Do People Search for to Find Hatch River Expeditions?

What are guests looking for when they find Hatch River Expeditions? It’s a question often wondered and with new technology, finding out how guests find the website is relatively easy. Upon scrolling through some of these interesting keywords, I stumbled upon some pretty interesting and funny searches on the way and though I would answer some of the questions.

2 day grand canyon rafting – Doesn’t exist. For those looking for one day trips check out Colorado River Discovery but note that this is a smooth water float in Glen Canyon. Hatch’s shortest trip is either the 4 Day Upper or Lower Motorized Expedition.
Cliff dwellers honeymoon hike – Really more a question about Marble Canyon than anything that will actually be seen in Grand Canyon. Though Lees Ferry was a part of this memorable time period where honeymooners traveled through Arizona to Lees Ferry and would cross the [...]

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