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    Grand Canyon Rafting Tours Guides to Gather for the Annual GTS

Grand Canyon Rafting Tours Guides to Gather for the Annual GTS

The Guides Training Seminar occurs annually every spring. Grand Canyon rafting tours guides come together at the Hatch warehouse which is located in Marble Canyon, Arizona to prepare for the upcoming year. Grand Canyon River Guides puts the event together and offers a land session followed by a river trip.

Both seminars strive to increase the knowledge base for guides rafting the Grand Canyon. From classes to certification refreshers to interpretive seminars, this event brings together many in the rafting community. Beyond the learning atmosphere, the social aspect provides benefit for people to learn one another within this small community. Outfitters, guides, National Park Service staff, educators and scientists are just some of the makeup of this event.

Imagine two hundred plus guides getting together for all things a rafting, Colorado River and Grand Canyon. The workshops are immensely diverse ranging from programs in Grand Canyon to experimental studies being [...]

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9 Lessons the Colorado River Can Teach Us about Life

Many a traveler has been pushed to inspiration while Colorado River rafting. Artists, photographers and poets alike see this place and cannot help but draw imaginative conclusions and interpretation. It has been discussed more than once how eerily similar the course of a river is to the course of a lifetime. Like a metaphor for human nature and human desire, the Colorado River never ceases to move voyagers from all about the globe. A Native American proverb (found on Pinterest of all places) states that, “No river can return to its source, yet all rivers must have a beginning.”

Comparisons between human existence and the waxing and waning of a river are theoretically endless. See some of the ways this lifeblood of a river can give just a few lessons to the meager mortal.

Just keep moving. Or is it “just keep swimming?” Either way, continue to press on. The [...]

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    Hatch Expeditions Offers Some Water Wise Tips to Save Water and Money Every Month

Hatch Expeditions Offers Some Water Wise Tips to Save Water and Money Every Month

Many residents of the western states cannot help but notice the change in climate over the past decade or so. With less rain and more sunshine, some communities are finding ways to adapt. With the Colorado River being a major focus for Hatch Expeditions, we have been on the lookout for things that we can do at home (and in the office) to reduce are water use and in the meantime drop those water bills.

Probably one of the best ways to watch water use would be to check the water bill every month. Many give a monthly comparison so clients can check what was used in previous months. Look for drastic changes that might lead to tracking down leaks. Water prices can be pretty high in many areas of the country so a little sleuth work might be just the ticket.
Check for leaks often. Be a detective [...]

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    Favorite Winter Pastimes for Grand Canyon White Water Enthusiasts

Favorite Winter Pastimes for Grand Canyon White Water Enthusiasts

Since the rafting season takes up only about half of the year, Grand Canyon white water enthusiasts find many other creative ways to enjoy the outdoors during the off-season. The combination of breathing fresh air combined with the endorphins provided by physical activity produces a combination worth chasing. Check out the list below to see some of the favorite pastimes that take up river guides and river rat’s time during the “not-rafting” months.

Colder Climate Winter Pastimes

Skiing – A favorite pastime of many a rafting guide during the off season and a great way to put some of those river certifications to good use. The exhilaration of downhill skiing or the relaxation or cross country can provide a fantastic reason to spend the day outside. Breathing in the mountain air and appreciating all of the glory that snow brings helps many an outdoors-man get through a cold winter.
Snowboarding [...]

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    The Approach of Spring Brings Along Grand Canyon White Water Rafting Trips

The Approach of Spring Brings Along Grand Canyon White Water Rafting Trips

The beautiful sixty plus degree weather creeping its way into Flagstaff (not to mention the ninety degree days Phoenix is experiencing) makes us glad that spring is on its way. With only twenty five days left until the April eleventh first launch of the season, excitement is growing around the Hatch offices. Grand Canyon white water rafting trips are just around the corner and with it the ability to share this majestic place with guests.

It seems that this has been a rough winter for much of the country. Snow and cold and then more snow that just keeps coming seems to be a theme this year. Though it is definitely enjoyed by many an outdoor enthusiast, the daily grind can sometimes be affected and helps sends some of those “snowbirds” south. But guess what? Snow birds come in all ages and planning a summertime vacation can be the [...]

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30 Years Later with Hatch River Expeditions

Doing a trip 30 years later with Hatch River Expeditions is the ultimate cherry on top. Sure a few things have changed in the meantime. Lately Hatch has received a couple trip requests from guests who had previously traveled in the 1970s or earlier. What fun to be able to take the trip again and experiencing the Colorado River through Grand Canyon with a new perspective on life.

A major change includes the fact that Steve Hatch is the third generation owner and operator of Hatch River Expeditions. He follows both Bus and Ted Hatch as the operators in Grand Canyon and brings amazing experience to the company. Keeping Hatch in the family has provided 81 years of experience to this river rafting.

For one, the motors are significantly quieter which enhances the overall experience beyond belief. A few years back, Hatch River Expeditions invested in a new fleet of [...]

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7 Occasions to Celebrate on a Colorado River Rafting Trip

It might seem exceedingly obvious to everyone that celebrating any occasion can only be enhanced when it takes place on a Colorado River rafting trip. These excursions provide the perfect opportunity to celebrate really any occasion as the magnificence of the Grand Canyon augments any occasion.

Birthday – So many options here including the massive 50th birthday bash or a Sweet 16 party, outdoors style. Why not get the crew together and create some of the most amazing memories to last a lifetime. And if it’s a birthday that perhaps could be forgotten and avoiding those over the hill cards seems like a great idea, what better way to escape. And when comparing age to Grand Canyon, guests will feel young again!
Un-Birthdays – Well what about those guests whose birthdays fall outside of river rafting season? Didn’t the Mad Hatter teach us anything about how to commemorate a [...]

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    More Tips for Photographing While Experiencing Rapids of the Grand Canyon

More Tips for Photographing While Experiencing Rapids of the Grand Canyon

A continuation of the photo composition blog from a few days ago, here we describe some other “rules” of composition for a great photograph. While writing these out, it seems so overwhelming. A major point would be to not try and do every single rule. Obviously, that photo might become extremely staged and confusing. Try a few of these and test a few together and see the results. The great thing about photography is that practice can really happen anytime, even while photographing rapids of the Grand Canyon.

Look for action shots. An employee favorite. Action shots really show emotion well as well as what’s going on in the moment. Jump aboard another raft and take a photo of the family plunging through Lava Falls, capture the float chain in the Little Colorado or find something equally as fun and attention grabbing. Action shots bring real feeling as well [...]

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Composing a Photography Rafting Colorado River Grand Canyon

Grow those photography skills while rafting Colorado River Grand Canyon. Try a few of these composition techniques to help create stellar, stunning photos on the trip.

Make sure there is a focal point. Eyes often gravitate towards one part of the image so attempt to create that point and don’t make it random.
Rule of thirds IS important. Don’t ignore the advice from that high school photography teacher. This simple advice can alter a photograph completely. Divide the frame being shot into thirds and try to put either natural lines or the focus point along one of those lines. It can be appealing to the eye and helps make sure not all the pictures have the focus directly in the center. Try to strike a balance between important parts of the picture.
Try to lead the viewer towards the focal point with leading lines. An unsuccessful photo will leave [...]

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Hatch Expeditions Debunks Some Myths about Arizona

The Grand Canyon State contains some of the most majestic and awe inspiring landscapes on the planet. Hatch Expeditions loves this home state and wants to share the beauty with anyone and everyone willing to listen. Check out the myths about Arizona that have debunked below.

It’s All Desert – Though the characterization of vast expanses often involves deserts filled with saguaro cacti or red rock desert vistas of the Grand Canyon, Arizona is very diverse geographically. With three specific physiographic regions, Arizona is the perfect state to get the geology studies on. The Colorado Plateau is an elevated region in the Western United States. The southern border of the plateau exists in the Mogollon Rim in central Arizona. It is a cliff that extends 115 miles long. From Sedona over to Payson, this dramatic elevation drops into the desert below. The next region lies just south and west [...]

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