Does a Snow in Flagstaff Affect Colorado River Rafting?

Member that blog post from a few days ago trying to dispel some misconceptions about Arizona. Well I am hoping the following photos will do just that. Flagstaff received around 8 inches of snow yesterday and more dumping down today; enough so that the county offices decided to close early. Hatch employees remain in the toasty warm office ready and able to book and discuss Colorado River rafting through the afternoon.

Much of Arizona has received this winter weather ranging from snow to sleet to rain. Flagstaff natives all appreciate this to an extreme especially in recent years. Though technical most of this water flows away from Flagstaff and to the South, it does ultimately end up in the Colorado River – which is Hatch’s favorite river, by the way. Much of that water flows south from Flagstaff towards the Verde River which meets up with the Salt River [...]

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    Just A Reminder to Check out that Grand Canyon White Water Packing List in Advance

Just A Reminder to Check out that Grand Canyon White Water Packing List in Advance

Only 45 days left until Grand Canyon white water rafting trips begin again. This year, 2015, is poised to be one of the best in Hatch history. This will be the 81st year rafting in Grand Canyon for Hatch River Expeditions so that time has been spent perfecting the expertise and knowledge.

An extremely helpful hint that guides and staff have come to know is that planning makes perfect. Whether it’s planning the menus or even the guide schedule, getting a head start leads to better overall trips. Guests can take this into account as well when prepping for upcoming river trips. Now is the perfect time to think about scanning that gear list and seeing what additions need to be made to the wardrobe and bathroom kits. There can be some great pre-season sales out there for those that are in to looking.

Main items to consider when planning [...]

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    8 Questions to Test Your Knowledge of Grand Canyon on Colorado River Raft Trips

8 Questions to Test Your Knowledge of Grand Canyon on Colorado River Raft Trips

Grand Canyon trivia provides a major highlight on Colorado River raft trips. Perhaps immense interest subsists because of the magnitude of this place. With something as large and immense as the Grand Canyon, people often need to put numbers to the sights in order to comprehend. While staring into the unknown between rims, guests want to conceptualize what lies before them. Below find some interesting tidbits to help put this magical space into perspective before launching on any trips.

How wide is Grand Canyon?

The Canyon can reach up to 18 miles wide but the average is around 10 miles. It can be pretty incredible to look out across the depths of Grand Canyon to the other side. The North Rim actually rises over 1,000 feet higher that the South Rim which can make for some pretty incredible views and vistas.

How deep is Grand Canyon?

It can be as deep as [...]

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Hatch River Expeditions Online Store Now Up and Running!

Over the past few months, Hatch River Expeditions employees have been diligently working to put together an online store for our guests. Over the past few years, there has been a growing demand for Hatch retail items. Hatch, admittedly, has a pretty cool logo and of course we all love orange.

Last month, the store became live on the Hatch website with a plethora of items available for purchase. More items continue to flow in and the store is always growing and changing with new additions. By the way, Hatch always appreciates guest input as to what items to carry in this store.

For guests traveling with Hatch in the upcoming year, there is some pretty great river gear to check out. Some wonderful pieces include long sleeve, quick dry Columbia shirts. These are definitely a must have on any river trip considering that they cover the skin wonderfully and [...]

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Packing a Dry Bag for a Grand Canyon Raft Trip

Starting last year, Hatch decided to add dry bags to this list of gear included for any Grand Canyon raft trip. This has been a fantastic inclusion that guests have been raving about. On Motorized Trips there will be 2 bags provided and the Oar Trip inclusion remains the same with 3 dry bags.


Guests often wonder how to go about packing items in a dry bag. These handy little bags generally are handed out at the morning orientation that takes place at Cliff Dwellers Lodge. The Hatch vans pull up in front of the restaurant at the lodge around 8:30 AM and Hatch employees will begin the orientation by handing out the dry bags and going over how to pack gear inside. Below are the dimensions to get a better grasp about these


Motorized Dry Bag Sizes:

Day – 8” in diameter and 20” tall for a total volume of [...]

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2016 Availability with Hatch Expeditions

Hatch Expeditions just wanted to send out a friendly reminder that we have opened up bookings for the 2016 season. Office staff generally recommends booking trips about a year in advance but there are multiple trips where even more than a year might be necessary.

Hiking Focused Trips

This trip only occurs once a year. April provides the perfect opportunity to book a trip focused on hiking within the Canyon. Thought the weather can be on the cooler side (Average high is 82 degrees Fahrenheit and average low is 56 degrees Fahrenheit) this can be immensely beneficial when taking longer expeditions and hikes. The hikes range from 2-8 miles and there is usually one to two per day. Some sights that might be seen include Saddle Canyon which is about two miles round trip or Thunder River which is about 8 miles round trip. These trips generally fill up quickly [...]

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Gluten Free when Water Rafting Grand Canyon

Guests often call the offices with dietary preference requests for their river trip water rafting Grand Canyon. As is noted in our policies section of the website, Hatch can accommodate many dietary restrictions but not all dietary preferences. Please remember that this is a wilderness expeditions and being so there are limits as to what can be provided for guests.

A recent trend for passengers is a gluten free diet. For those that include this as a dietary requirement not necessarily a dietary preference, please keep reading for more information on what we can and cannot do regarding this diet.

Hatch River Expeditions will accommodate gluten free individuals to the best of our ability. Please note that this is a wilderness trip and we have limitations as to carrying capacity and cookware. Some cross contamination may occur, therefore a completely gluten free experience may not be possible. We simply do [...]

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Hatch River Expeditions Ads from the Good Ol’ Days

Imagine skimming through the monthly magazine subscription that just came in the mail, and bam, an ad for a river trip sparks interest. Before the days of this instant gratification tool we call the internet, people went about booking their vacations in a very different way. A simple ad with a brief description provided the sparking point for guests to plan exciting rafting vacations out west with Hatch River Expeditions.

Travel back in time and analyze the time period in question, anything before the 1980s would work. Advertising took a much different form and print was king. Think brochures, pamphlets and ads in magazines. Television would have been a bit too pricey at the time. Publicity and name recognition helped, obviously. Hatch River Expeditions had been in the news for environmental reasons and sponsoring trips with the Sierra Club. More than a few famed celebrities and politicians traveled down [...]

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    6 Times the Canyon Did It Perfectly When Rafting Colorado River Grand Canyon

6 Times the Canyon Did It Perfectly When Rafting Colorado River Grand Canyon

Rafting Colorado River Grand Canyon perfectly exemplifies how nature does it better. Ever been out in the world and really just thought that nature knew what’s what when forming spectacular landscapes. It would be hard to argue that Grand Canyon has more of these opportunities than many places on earth. Certain moments occur while rafting the Colorado River that make it seem like the Canyon is simply calling out to river runners to enjoy her bounty.

That time Lees Ferry perfectly formed at the intersection between the Vermillion Cliffs and the Echo Cliffs. Not the first to appreciate nature’s kindness to provide such a location, Lees Ferry was the only crossing of the Colorado River for hundreds of miles until the development of bridges. Either way, being able to drive down to the river at this beautifully situated location has provided river runners with the perfect put in for [...]

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The Fun of Bedtime on Grand Canyon Adventures

After a long day spent touring hidden side canyons and learning about this ancient landscape on Grand Canyon adventures, pulling those big rubber rafts to shore can seem like the perfect way to top off a day. The rafts are secured and the unloading begins. Guests gather together to begin the evening’s preparations starting with the fire line for unloading the duffels. Once the raft has been unloaded, guests have the opportunity to gather their belongings and scout out the perfect camp site.

Guides always advise guests to steer clear of any vegetation. These are delicate ecosystems and damaging them can cause irreparable issues for these precious beaches. Also, avoid getting too close to these areas because the critters make their homes here most frequently. Some of the best camp sites are directly in the middle of the beaches or ledges away from the river’s edge.

This is when guests [...]

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