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    7 Reason Winter Makes Us Miss Grand Canyon White Water Trips

7 Reason Winter Makes Us Miss Grand Canyon White Water Trips

The leaves fall and the temperatures drop but it isn’t until about mid-January when the winter time blues kick in. Whether due to ice scraping, sweater wearing or just a plain addiction to summer time warm weather, these winter months can cause much in the way of missing that elusive Grand Canyon white water. See if any of these feelings ring a bell about that wonderful nostalgia created for anyone that’s been rafting in the Grand Canyon.

When the weather starts to turn, it can be co difficult to let go of those favorite Chaco sandals. Just perfectly broken in from the summer months of adventure. Memories of hiking in ancient side canyons ensue when putting them on. So when winter comes, it’s not hard to imagine why this perhaps “fashion faux pas” of pairing Chacos with socks is worth the risk. Full dedication results when toe socks are [...]

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    Grand Canyon Outfitters Strive for Environmental Stewardship

Grand Canyon Outfitters Strive for Environmental Stewardship

Hatch River Expeditions continually strives to not only meet but exceed best practices for environmental stewardship. In that quest, Hatch aligns with the National Park Service’s vision for Grand Canyon. This magnificent wilderness is not only a beautiful destination but Grand Canyon outfitters home as well. It is a major aim that we strive to continually align ourselves with these goals and policies to protect this precious resource.

We have recently put in place an environmental plan aimed at implementing new strategies and strengthening existing green stewardship policies. This list is ever changing and growing as changes in the industry occur and technology advances. Best practices are an ever evolving standard. Some of the highlights of the current plan include:

Investing in extremely low emission 4-stroke motors for the fleet. These motors are quieter and much more efficient that motors of years past. The motors allow Hatch guests the opportunity [...]

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Why the Sky on Grand Canyon River Tours is the Bomb

One of the most striking views while on Grand Canyon river tours has to be that of the sky hovering above. Perhaps the contrast between the beautiful crimson hues of the canyon walls with the rich colored sky creates these feelings. Perhaps it’s the fact that the walls outline and ability to frame the clouds so perfectly. Or perhaps it’s the ability to spend so much time outside that guests view the transition of the sky throughout the day. Watching rosy hues grow above as the blues intensify with clouds speckling the scenery to be followed by darkening and deepening and purple colors adding to the spectrum.

Lucky for visitors to the Canyon, the sky is blue. But why is the sky blue? It has something to do with sunlight traveling through a prism. Turns out that air molecule scatter shorter wavelengths like blue and violet and longer wavelengths [...]

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10 Packing Hacks for Rafting the Grand Canyon

Packing for any vacation can be stressful. Packing for rafting the Grand Canyon seems to scare guests probably more than it should. The idea of not having a store to buy forgotten items creates unnecessary anxiety. Below Hatch has listed some insanely useful packing hacks for these adventures. If for any reason any questions arise, feel free to call the office staff and discuss the packing list. Always try to plan ahead to get a grip on big questions or concerns such as what type of rain gear to purchase. See a couple fantastically easy packing ideas below.

Use the provided packing list. Having a designated list helps to not over pack. Scanning the list beforehand helps guests decide what they really need and what can be left out (i.e. female urinal for men). There are handy check boxes to make the checklist even easier to use.
This might [...]

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    8 Signs that it is Definitely Time for Colorado River Raft Trips

8 Signs that it is Definitely Time for Colorado River Raft Trips

Getting into that workplace grind is more common than one might think. Whether it’s the repetitiveness or the stress, taking a vacation provides the optimal release. What better option than Colorado River raft trips? Below is a list of some of the most common signs that it is time for a vacation.

While sitting and staring at the computer, eye spasms become common making it seem like the computer has a virus. Really it is just a bit of twitching due to excessive monitor staring but still, this is enough to drive anyone over the edge. Give those eyes a break and stimulate them instead with grand vistas and scenic landscape. Imagine the things to be seen.
When checking email at home becomes routine and it gets harder and harder to fall asleep because of the excessive technology stimulation. Preliminary studies suggest that using technology within the hours before [...]

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    7 Mind-blowing Facts About the Colorado River Relating to Grand Canyon Raft Trips

7 Mind-blowing Facts About the Colorado River Relating to Grand Canyon Raft Trips

There is a reason that Hatch is in the business of sharing Grand Canyon raft trips with guests. This river provides life and happiness to millions of people throughout the Southwest. There is a reason that it is designated “The Might Colorado” and that legends form and linger for decades. So much has sprung forth as a result of this river and with the antiquity of Grand Canyon, it’s pretty easy to find some interesting and perhaps mind-blowing facts that guests might not know about our beloved Colorado River. Check out some facts below:

The mighty Colorado River is 1,450 miles long from its source to the gulf. Hatch operates within the 277 miles located within Grand Canyon National Park. That seems so long as it traverses much of the US from North to South but in comparison to the Nile and Amazon, which are both around four thousand [...]

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    Water is the Ultimate Drink on Grand Canyon White Water Rafting Trips

Water is the Ultimate Drink on Grand Canyon White Water Rafting Trips

Though beverage sheets are included in every trip packet when the reservation is booked, not all guests realize that water and either Gatorade or Lemonade will be available at all times both on the raft and at camp. Other items like soda and alcohol can be a nice treat during the day but Hatch is here to tell you that water is the ULTIMATE drink on any Grand Canyon white water rafting trips. Here’s why:

It’s cheap! Whether it’s the water contained in Hatch coolers or cans of fizzy water, this stuff will save money. Twelve packs of those neatly packed cans run only about $8. That makes it a quick and convenient addition to any beverage supply. And the stuff on the boat is free! Even better. Here’s a fun tidbit from the EPA, “If you drink your recommended 8 glasses of water per day from the tap, [...]

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    6 Things That Happen When Packing For a Colorado River Rafting Trip

6 Things That Happen When Packing For a Colorado River Rafting Trip

Packing presents an interesting hurdle for many Colorado River rafting guests. In a sense, to be a fly on the wall for these unique packers might provide a great opportunity for a social experiment. That twenty five pound weight limit and the unique conditions experienced on these vacations can be interesting challenges for the novice rafter who might not know the ropes. Below are just a few of the plethora of interesting things that happen when packing for a rafting trip.

Realizing which underwear is preferable for such a vacation. Yep – it’s true. Don’t think that you are the only one who has done it. Everyone (or at least a lot of people) pick and choose the favorite undergarments. Some are comfy and some are better for working out and some are just plain beautiful. When selecting the optimal undies for a rafting trip multiple factors come into [...]

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Rafting Resolutions for Return Wilderness River Adventures

New Year, new trip, new plans! For return guests on these wilderness river adventures, making goals or resolutions to try this time around can be a fun way to push and step outside the comfort zone. Some first time rafters find themselves a bit timid and end up wishing they had tried some of the following fun things to do while rafting the Grand Canyon.

Sleep Outside – Sure, Hatch provides wonderful 3 person tents per two guests but where’s the fun in sleeping inside? This year the goal shall be to set up camp under the stars. The new camp cots that Hatch provides on motorized trips do the job nicely to lift the body off the sand. Waking up to a sky silhouetted by canyon walls cannot be beat.

Sit in the Bathtub – The easy way to go on any motorized raft would be to perch nicely [...]

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Happy Holidays from Hatch Expeditions

Around the holidays, it’s easy to curl up around the fire and think of all great things that the year has provided. Here at Hatch Expeditions, things seem a bit quiet in the workplace. Guests have long since departed their river trips for the 2014 season. Guides have up ventured on various other endeavors for the winter season. Some office and warehouse staff remains through the winter but really this time period is nothing like the bustle and hubbub of summertime months.

It’s at times like these when it’s easy to sit back and think of all the things to be grateful for. This business is unique in that we sell a fun and unique product – an adventure vacation. Being so, the employees at Hatch tend to be unique and interesting personalities. For that we are grateful because we have the opportunity to build the family atmosphere around [...]

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