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    Avoid Dehydration While White Water Rafting in the Grand Canyon

Avoid Dehydration While White Water Rafting in the Grand Canyon

The most common ailment Hatch guests have while are on the river tend to be the symptoms of dehydration. Dehydration simply means that the body loses more water than is taken in. The desert landscape of Grand Canyon provides the right conditions for this to occur between the hot and dry weather. Know the symptoms and what to do should do to prevent it while white water rafting in the Grand Canyon.

Symptoms can include thirst, dry mouth, unusual tiredness, decreased urine output, headache and even dizziness. The trick is to avoid getting to the point where symptoms are noticeable. Hatch provides guests with mugs on the first day of the expedition. These are not only for coffee but also to promote drinking fluids while on the raft. Filtered water and either Gatorade or lemonade will always be available on the raft and at camp so take advantage. Guides [...]

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    What is a Swamper on Grand Canyon White Water Rafting Trips?

What is a Swamper on Grand Canyon White Water Rafting Trips?

On Grand Canyon white water rafting trips there will be two types of crew members – the boatmen and the swamper. The entire crew works incredibly hard to provide guests with the most magnificent vacation possible. The duties of the swamper encompass everything from tour guide to assistant to head chef. They assist the boatmen with whatever needs that come about.

The term swamper refers to an assistant or helper who helps the leader carry out jobs tasks. It seems to have come about in the 1800’s for the guys clearing roads for a tree feller in a swamp – fun! It is easy to see why early swampers on river rafting expeditions received this name due to the fact that their main duty was to bail out water from the rafts through the rapids. In recent years there have been some suggestions for a name change to something [...]

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What to Wear on a Typical Day River Rafting Grand Canyon

This question comes about quite often here in the Hatch offices and not surprisingly. For many guests this expedition will not only be their first white water trip but also their first extended camping experience. Proper attire will contribute to comfort throughout the trip. Remember that weather plays an important part on decision making while river rafting Grand Canyon.

Attire needs vary based on the weather currently in the canyon. A bit of advice from the office staff would be to dress in layers on the first day and make sure that the rain gear is handy. Perhaps have underwear or swimsuit as the base layer and then lightweight pants and t-shirt on top of that. For those with fair skin try a long sleeve quick dry shirt over top. This can also be great to dunk in the river and keep you cool through evaporative cooling. By dressing [...]

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    Might We See the Little Colorado River on a Colorado River Rafting Trip?

Might We See the Little Colorado River on a Colorado River Rafting Trip?

A common and extremely popular side hike on any Full and Upper Colorado River rafting trip is the Little Colorado River. Famous for the beautiful turquoise waters and the magnificent confluence with the main Colorado River it can be a highlight for any river trip.


Did you know that the Little Colorado River’s headwaters actually begin in the forests of the White Mountains in northeastern Arizona? This river is a prime destination for anglers, as a matter of fact, due to its clear and perennial flow. After descending from the elevations near Mt. Baldy and the town of Greer, The Little Colorado River swoops down through grass lands and the Painted Desert and finally into Grand Canyon where you might catch a glimpse or get to splash around.

The beautiful Little Colorado River near the confluence gets its turquoise color from the minerals dissolved in the water. The minerals, mostly [...]

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Why Bring a Sarong when River Rafting Grand Canyon?

When skimming over the packing lists provided when a trip is booked, guests often seek explanations for certain items that are recommended. River rafting Grand Canyon offers a unique opportunity to delve into the backwoods of Grand Canyon and being prepared is important. Highlighted below are explanations as to why certain items on the packing list are there and what the items are used for.

Sarong – The all-purpose packing list item! Great for men and ladies alike. This multi-use item can be used for anything from a fancy dinner outfit to a beach blanket to a towel or even a privacy screen when needed. Guests even use them as an extra sheet when sleeping under the stars.

GOOD Lotion and Hand Salve – The most important toiletry item in Grand Canyon. The sun, sand and water of the Colorado River can be unkind to guest’s sensitive skin not accustomed [...]

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Hatch River Expeditions Trivia on the Dusty Dozen

The legacy of Bus Hatch is exceedingly important to Hatch River Expeditions. Did you know that Bus is current owner Steve Hatch’s grandfather? This remarkable builder turned adventurer helped shape the face of river running as we know it. Below are some trivia questions regarding the Dusty Dozen’s first trip through Grand Canyon to test our guest’s knowledge of their outfitter that has been in business for 80 years this year.

How many years after John Wesley Powell’s infamous expedition did the “Dusty Dozen” run the Colorado River?

65 years. John Wesley Powell’s first expedition launched in May of 1869 from Green River, Wyoming and travelled all the way through Grand Canyon. Bus Hatch and the Dusty Dozen launched from Lees Ferry in July of 1934 with only one member of the party having been through the Canyon before – Clyde Eddy.

When Bus Hatch and the “Dusty Dozen” launched on [...]

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Reviews from Grand Canyon Expeditions

Hatch River Expeditions guests love to share kind words about their Grand Canyon Expeditions. From tales of adventures to appreciation of guides and reservations staff alike, travelers to the Canyon share the most wonderful thoughts after their expeditions.

“All 3 guides…were amazing and really helped make this one of the most memorable trips ever. I can’t believe the amount of work they put in- mind boggling!Every single detail was well planned and executed. We had an amazing experience on the river, on all of the hikes, and at all of the camps at night. I’ll never forget this trip!” ~Melinda S. of California, June 12 Motorized

“Your guides for this trip were OUTSTANDING! We had a great time with them and it sure seems they enjoyed our group. They were extremely knowledgeable, patient, thorough, caring, and we could always depend on them for anything this group needed or wanted – [...]

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Camera Charging on a Colorado River Rafting Trip

With the ever growing demands of technology Hatch River Expeditions continually strives to keep up with our guests needs. Recently more and more guests have been bringing along digital cameras, cell phones and even Go Pros to document their Colorado River rafting trip. Due to this increased use of devices and their tendency to require energy, we have developed a new technology to allow passengers to charge devices in the evenings.

We provide a 12 volt charging system for the charging of small batteries while on the trip. The system includes a 12 volt DC female plug (cigarette lighter style) as well as a USB charging port and two AC standard outlet plugs in a 150 watt inverter. This charging device will be available in the evenings at camp as needed. The charging of medically related equipment (CPAP machines, etc.) will take precedence over camera charging. In most instances [...]

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    Have an American Adventure on a Grand Canyon White Water Expedition

Have an American Adventure on a Grand Canyon White Water Expedition

From sea to shining sea, the United States of America provides travelers with a plethora of wonderful destinations to visit and experience. From the Statue of Liberty to the Great Lakes or the Golden Gate to Disneyworld vacation spots are plentiful. For those guests that are perhaps in the market more for an adventure than a vacation, though, Grand Canyon white water trips can be the perfect solution.

Many guests find that the Western United States provide a sense of adventure and something uniquely American and none so much as the desert vastness in Arizona. Grand Canyon has been captivating tourists and explorers alike for hundreds of years. John Wesley Powell famously traversed the river in search of not only adventure but knowledge and documentation of this once not well known place. Bus Hatch began running the Colorado River 80 years ago in 1934 – always in search of [...]

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    Itinerary Possibilities for 7 Day Motorized Grand Canyon River Tours

Itinerary Possibilities for 7 Day Motorized Grand Canyon River Tours

The 7 Day Motorized Expedition is by far Hatch River Expeditions most popular of our Grand Canyon river tours. See all the sights and sounds that Grand Canyon has to offer at a convenient pace. Below is a detailed itinerary of the excitement and splendor that might be seen on your rafting tour.

Sample Itinerary

Day Before the Rafting Expedition

Arrive at Cliff Dwellers Lodge in historic Marble Canyon, AZ to begin soaking in the desert atmosphere. Shop, relax and enjoy a fantastic meal from the Cliffs Restaurant. Get a good night sleep because tomorrow the adventure begins!

Days One & Two

Meet our Hatch crew in front of Cliff Dwellers Lodge at 8:30 AM. Listen to a short introductory orientation and then load up the vans for a 20 minute shuttle ride down to the river. Here you will meet your crew and prepare to depart on your expedition. Guides will explain [...]

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