End of the Season for Grand Canyon Raft Trips

September 29 marked the end of the season for Grand Canyon raft trips here at Hatch River Expeditions. The last guests have returned home. All of the rafts are off of the water and back at the warehouse in Marble Canyon. Guides have begun to drift on to their next adventures whether that’s just relaxing and enjoying the off season, heading back to school or waiting for the snow fall for their winter jobs to begin.

Just because the rafting season has concluded does not mean that work does not abound. A tremendous amount of work is necessary to keep all of the equipment in tip top shape. This means that what we call “winter work” approaches almost immediately following the season. Hatch employees de-rig all both the oar boats and the S-Rig rafts and comb through the parts to ensure high quality before the next season. The rafts [...]

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    High Flow Experiments Relating to Rafting Colorado River Grand Canyon

High Flow Experiments Relating to Rafting Colorado River Grand Canyon

Many guests rafting Colorado River Grand Canyon don’t realize before their expedition the political nature of this river. Not only does the Colorado River provide water and electricity to millions throughout the Southwest but it also provides the habitat to many endemic species through the Grand Canyon. Having implementing Glen Canyon Dam in the 1960s, federal and local agencies have spent decades deciding how to best manage the river for both the public need as well as the needs of the river ecosystems. A relatively new experiment has come into fruition in the past few years to help manage the river downstream.

Beginning in 2012, multiple federal agencies came together to implement a long term experimental plan called the “high flow experimental release” along the Colorado River below the Glen Canyon Dam. This experiment exists to help simulate natural flood conditions that would take place along the river corridor [...]

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Two Properties, One Hatch River Expeditions

Did you know that Hatch River Expeditions has not one , but two locations? Technically there are three locations if the Colorado River in Grand Canyon counts as office space – and a pretty good office at that!

The legendary warehouse located at Hatchland remains in Marble Canyon, Arizona. It sits conveniently right next door to Cliff Dwellers Lodge, where guests on Upper and Full Canyon trips spend the night before launching the next morning. This location is appropriately situated only about 20 minutes from the launch point at Lees Ferry. Food pack, mechanics and boatmen work at this location enabling the rafts access to the river very conveniently. Guests can also find the Hatch store within walking distance of the lodge. This opens usually from 8-8:25 AM the morning of launches. More than one guest has booked a trip after recognizing the Hatch name that used to be [...]

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Phases of the Moon and Grand Canyon River Trips

Remember making moon phase charts as a kid to help track and learn about lunar phases? Though they didn’t necessarily seem practical to everyday life at the time, knowing the phase of the moon can often come in handy. Some guests choose the time of the month for Grand Canyon river trips solely based on the phase of the moon! That must mean it can make a difference.

Preferences vary by group and what the desired backdrop in the evenings at camp. Now to understand the basics of the moon’s cycle – nothing to deep here, just the phases.

There are 4 phases of the moon and each lasts about 7 days. It begins with a New Moon which means that no moon is visible in the night sky. It then moves into the First Quarter. This begins with the Waxing Crescent where the left side of the moon is [...]

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Guest Reviews from Grand Canyon White Water Trips

Guests traveling on Grand Canyon white water vacations review the trip at the duration letting Htach River Expeditions know their thoughts. Taking into consideration guest evaluations is a key component to Hatch’s continued success. Below read some of the wonderful highlights from guest reviews. Reading these wonderful reviews from guests about the staff here at Hatch River Expeditions is definitely a highlight.

“Hatch River Expeditions is a first class outfit. We felt that the crew really looked out for our wellbeing. Really liked the geology mini lectures. “ ~Donna K. of Arizona, August 28 Motorized
“The guides were great. Fun, knowledgeable, caring, skillful, hardworking, great cooks, a joy to have shared this incredible experience with.

The trip of a lifetime!! A dream of mine for at least 30 years. I had seen the Hatch sign on the roof of your warehouse while coming back from the North Rim for years. [...]

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    We Love Waterfalls on Grand Canyon White Water Rafting Trips

We Love Waterfalls on Grand Canyon White Water Rafting Trips

Many guests set out in search of majestic waterfalls while traveling along the Colorado River. The inner kid comes out and splashing and playing in the downpour becomes addicting. What is it about water streaming down into an exquisite pool below that lures travelers of all sorts to these places? Grand Canyon white water rafting trips provide excitement throughout but nothing compares to a good ol’ waterfall.

Not every falls will be visited due to timing and weather conditions. Guides make the decisions based on conditions but generally at least one will be a part of the trip. The Lower Canyon contains the majority of waterfalls. If there is something in particular of interest, let the guide know at the beginning of the trip and they do their best to make it a stop if at all possible. See below a list of falls that might be seen on [...]

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    Grand Canyon Adventures on Hatch’s Spring Hiking Focused Trip

Grand Canyon Adventures on Hatch’s Spring Hiking Focused Trip

Grand Canyon adventures lie ahead on any Hatch rafting trip. No trip provides more in depth exploration of the Canyon than the Hiking Focused Expeditions. This trip occurs usually towards the middle of April – prime season for hiking and exploring hidden places in Grand Canyon otherwise not seen.

Springtime generally offers the perfect weather for extended hikes with temperatures ranging from an average high of eighty two degrees to a low of fifty six degrees. Spring months throughout the Southwest can be a bit windy so plan accordingly as there might be more sand or dust at camp. As long as preparations are taken this generally does not affect the trip.

The season offers unique opportunities to not only experience extended hikes to hidden treasures but also to view nature that lives along the river corridor while in that beautiful springtime state. Wildflowers and the striking cactus blossoms bloom [...]

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Good Eats with Hatch River Expeditions

Guests traveling with Hatch River Expeditions often imagine that they might lose weight on expeditions such as this. Between the hiking and the idea that camp food might not be as enticing as imagined it is easy to understand. What guests are often not prepared for is the fact that Hatch guides and swampers are excellent cooks stocked by the wonderful food pack department with delectable meals throughout the whole trip. Food pack manager, Michelle, provided the following recipe for Grilled Salmon with Cajun Rub served with Mango Salsa. Mouths watering yet? Keep reading to see how to prepare this fancy dish at home.

Mango Salsa Recipe

Combine the following:

½ medium red onion, finely chopped
1 jalapeno chile, minced
1 ripe mango peeled, pitted and diced
1 ripe peach peeled, pitted and diced (can be substituted with 1 cup pineapple)
3 tbsp fresh lime juice
1 small cucumber, peeled and [...]

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Leave No Trace on Colorado River Raft Trips

Most concessionaires of Colorado River raft trips practice Leave No Trace ethics. While complying with local and federal laws as well as commercial operating requirements put into action by the National Park Service we make sure to maintain these ethics in all applicable aspects of Hatch River Expeditions. Below we have highlighted just some of our practices here at Hatch River Expeditions which our guides practice while also educating our guests in the meantime. Hopefully guests can take some of these tactics hope and begin to practice Leave No Trace in their daily and outdoors lives.

Minimizing impacts on campsites by instructing guests not to camp too near or trample desert and pre-dam riparian plant communities and to focus activity on sandbar areas. Thousands of guests camp along these beaches every year as well as the animals that call them home so leaving them as they were found in [...]

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Guests Review Grand Canyon Rafting Tours Guides

When guests finish expeditions with Grand Canyon rafting tours guides they have the opportunity to fill out a survey about their experience. These provide an opportunity for Hatch River Expeditions to continually hear feedback about expeditions. See some great reviews below to see what guests are saying about Hatch River Expeditions.



“Suggestions on what to bring were very helpful and information on the logistics at Cliff Dwellers was accurate and made the “pre-flight” stress free. [I]don’t know what more I could have asked for. [It was]magical, awe inspiring. A perfect mix of thrill, relaxation, adventure and learning, and the only vacation I can recall where I completely forgot about any problems back in the tick-tock world.” ~Ami B. of Arizona, August 28 Motorized


“If I could choose higher than excellent, I would!” ~Bev P. of Arizona, August 28 Motorized


“The guides were competent, knowledgeable, and friendly.Overall, we had an amazing experience [...]

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