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    Permalink Where is it? Grand Canyon is in the northwest corner of Arizona, close to the borders of Utah and Nevada. The Colorado River, which flows through the canyon, drains water from seven states, but the feature we know as Grand Canyon is entirely in Arizona. GPS Coordinates North Rim Visitor Center 36°11’51”N 112°03’09”W South Rim Visitor Center 36°03’32”N 112°06’33”W Desert View Watchtower 36° 2’ 38” N 111° 49’ 33”W Do you know when Grand Canyon National Park was declared a World Heritage Site? Do you know how many World Heritage Sites there are in the United States? In the world? This year marks the 40th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention.... What makes the convention significant is that it links together the concepts of nature conservation and the preservation of cultural properties. It recognizes the way in which people interact with nature and the fundamental need to preserve the balance between the two. The World Heritage List is comprised of both Natural and Cultural sites. To be placed on the list a site must show outstanding universal value. There are currently 936 World Heritage Sites worldwide. They include 725 cultural sites, 183 natural sites and 28 mixed sites. Grand Canyon National Park was declared a World Heritage Site on 24 October 1979 and is one of 21 sites in the United States. For a complete list of sites in the United States, and worldwide, visit">Photo Courtesy of the NPSGallery

    Colorado River Raft Trips and the NPS

Colorado River Raft Trips and the NPS

Hatch is a concessionaire for Colorado River raft trips within Grand Canyon National Park. As such, Hatch maintains a great relationship with the NPS based on mutual respect and conversation. Of course they regulate much to do with operations on the water but the Park also does so much more relating to so many different operations and activities. Grand Canyon National Park is 1,217,403 acres in size and split between multiple sites including the South Rim, North Rim, Phantom Ranch, River and back country. Whew that’s a lot to cover!

In 2013, Grand Canyon was the second most visited national park in the United States with around 4,500,000 visitors. Imagine managing the visitor experience for this tremendous amount of guests. Similar to the mission here at Hatch, the National Park Service works to provide guests traveling to these amazing locations with the best possible experience while also maintaining the [...]

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Will There be Saguaros Rafting Colorado River Grand Canyon?

Likely no saguaros will be seen on a trip rafting Colorado River Grand Canyon but they might be seen for guests traveling through Phoenix. Although technically the northern border for the region in which the famous cactus grows is the Colorado River, they are usually only observed as far north as Kingman. The Saguaro cactus only grows in the Sonoran Desert and prefers areas that don’t drop in to freezing temperatures too often. Even though the famed saguaro may be absent, expect to see some other stunning cacti and yucca plants indicative of a desert environment.

Guests traveling during the springtime might be blessed to observe flowering cactus throughout the canyon. Fun fact: The plural of cactus can be cacti, cactus or cactuses. For those interested, cactuses are fleshy, green (or mostly greenish) with waxy exteriors. They are highly developed succulents that have adapted to mostly dry conditions and [...]

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    How a day with Hatch River Expeditions is Exactly the Same as a Day in the City

How a day with Hatch River Expeditions is Exactly the Same as a Day in the City

Many Hatch River Expeditions guests do not come from a wilderness or camping background. In fact, a good estimate would be that about 60% of guests come from cities or suburbs and have only camped a few times. That is one of the best things about a rafting trip – it can be perfect for everyone. But for those that are having trouble convincing their city slicker friends or family that a rafting trip is the perfect vacation here are a few reasons why a day on the river are exactly like a day in the city:

There really is an alarm clock. There’s a lot to see so get up bright and early. Guides wake at the break of dawn to get the day started with a bang. That bang comes as the guides use the coffee call as an informal buzzer.
Speaking of coffee, guides prep it [...]

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Grand Canyon White Water Hair Care Ideas

For those guests traveling on a Grand Canyon white water trip in 2015 who happen to have either long or high maintenance hair, this article might be a big help. By now guests are likely aware that this is a wilderness expedition including multiple nights of camping. Many guests call in advance requesting information on the best ways to bathe while on a trip and ladies especially ask about hair care.

Here are some tricks of the trade:

Start the trip with clean hair. This will help limit the number of times hair will need washed or groomed.
Bring proper hair care accessories. Examples include hair ties and snap clips to control flyaways. Soft headbands work great as well especially to control that hat hair. Bandanas are awesome as well!
Test out some hairstyles before the trip that might work well and can be hat friendly. French braids, multi-band ponytails [...]

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    Camping on Sandy Beaches or Rocky Ledges on a Grand Canyon Raft Trip

Camping on Sandy Beaches or Rocky Ledges on a Grand Canyon Raft Trip

After and exciting day on any Grand Canyon raft trip, the rafts pull into camp in the early afternoon to begin the process of setting up for the evening. Camps vary in terrain based on their location in the Canyon. They are not selected in advance as other trips will be on the water as well. Guides generally maintain a conversation with any other trips encountered on the water to aid in camp selection.

The majority will be beautiful sandy beaches. Some camps are of a desert terrain with sand and rocks intermixed. Other camps will be rocky outcroppings or rock ledges. Each type of camp has pros and cons and guides make campsite selection based on logistics and size of the group. Though a rocky campground may seem less than ideal, it can sometimes be the perfect camp on a windy day.

Guides will emphasize the necessity to respect [...]

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There was a Dog on my Colorado River Rafting Trip

On a recent Colorado River rafting trip some guests were in for a wonderful surprise when they learned that there was, in fact, a dog on the trip as well. Now let’s be clear and state that Hatch River Expeditions does not allow pets to travel on rafting vacations. This happened to be a special case with a very special animal.

This August, Hatch was honored to take the Canyon Heroes organization rafting in the Grand Canyon for the third year in a row. This organization provides white water rafting vacations to veterans in hopes of the veterans finding some healing at the depths of Grand Canyon. Professional counselors travel with the veterans and they participate in healing exercises while also enjoying all that the Colorado River has to offer. On this trip, there was a very special request.

As is common with some veterans suffering from psychological wounds of [...]

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Reviews from Kayakers on their Grand Canyon Adventures

Hatch offers Grand Canyon adventures in the form of Kayak Support trips as well. These trips are private and chartered trips – perfect for kayak clubs and schools. See some reviews from kayak support trips this year below.

“Our guides and boatmen did a fantastic job. This includes the folks that weren’t on the river with us, and were just part of the first night logistics and shuttle from Cliff Dwellers to Lee’s Ferry. They put in long hours, getting up well before us to cook breakfasts, and had to deal with the less pleasant parts of the logistics such as the groover. They were always pleasant and cheerful and happy to share their knowledge of the canyon with us. I have friends who have paddled the Grand Canyon on private trips, and I think that our experience was far better than theirs because of the knowledge and capability [...]

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Boat Seating While White Water Rafting in the Grand Canyon

On any Hatch motorized trip white water rafting in the Grand Canyon, guests have the opportunity to choose where to sit on the rafts. The motorized rafts are called “S-Rigs”. This is just a term for how we rig the raft. The basics of this raft include the “donut” or oval shaped portion sandwiched between two pontoons. The raft is equipped with a metal frame and is self-bailing in nature. The pontoons provide stability. This raft is specifically designed for the environment and water flows guests may see in Grand Canyon.

The boatmen and swamper can be found towards the back of the raft operating the motor which is in an insulated motor well. The guides do move about the raft occasionally, especially the swamper when pulling in to locations to assist in “parking” the boat. Directly in front of where the guides are seated find what is called [...]

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    Why is the River Cool when Grand Canyon White Water Rafting?

Why is the River Cool when Grand Canyon White Water Rafting?

Anyone Grand Canyon white water rafting notices immediately that the water in the Colorado River is more than a bit chilly. In general, the river temperature ranges average around 46 degrees Fahrenheit but does increase a few degrees over the course of the 188 river miles.

So why such cold water when the temperatures outside are that of a desert climate? Well let’s consider the source. The water flowing along the Colorado River in Grand Canyon comes from the north – specifically from the Lake Powell. The Glen Canyon dam acts as a barrier between the river and the lake. The Bureau of Reclamation decides how much water and when will be released based on strict water agreements with surrounding states and Mexico. The dam also provides power to neighboring regions. Eight huge turbines are located near the base of the Glen Canyon Dam which generates hydro power. The [...]

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Upriver of the Launch Point on Grand Canyon Adventures

What lies upriver of the launch point for Grand Canyon adventures with Hatch? Immediately preceding the launch point of Lees Ferry lies 14 miles of the Colorado River running through Glen Canyon. The Glen Canyon Dam separates the cold, clear waters of the river from the massive Lake Powell Reservoir above. The Upper Colorado River Basin feeds Lake Powell with two major tributaries being the San Juan River coming from New Mexico and the Green River coming from Utah. It is pretty obvious that a tremendous amount of history and geology lie to the North. Let’s focus in on the few miles just above Lees Ferry.

Glen Canyon provides a serene beauty incomparable to most places on earth – besides Grand Canyon of course. The red hued Navajo sandstone cliffs tower around one thousand feet above the river. The vast majority of the time water flowing out of the [...]

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