If you don’t already own a pair of sport sandals, consider making a purchase well in advance of your river trip. From balancing on raft pontoons, wading in the river to pee, walking in the lush beach sand at camp, short side canyon hikes and plunges into rocky stream beds and under torrential waterfalls – your feet will take a beating!

Happy feet make for happy Arizona river rafting campers! Consider traction, stability and protection when making a purchase or figuring out which shoes to bring that you already own. Teva or Chaco (a river guide favorite) or any other brand that you find will be fine.

Floppy beach shoes or flip flops just won’t do it!

Make sure they’re well worn in before your trip. If you’ve never worn your shoes in wet situations, wear them out in the rain or at least in the shower!

In addition to proper foot ware, consider bringing a heavy, bees wax-based salve to use at night. This concoction of shea butter, beeswax and coconut oil will do the trick. Or, if your the crafty type, make your own beeswax salve. It’s super easy and keeps for a long time. Whatever you do, make sure you put the salve in a leak-proof container. If it melts in the sun, you’ll have a mess until it solidifies when the temps dip at night.

Apply the salve onto dry feet, rub into your heels, then put on a pair of socks (ancient river guide wisdom). This should keep your heels from cracking from so much exposure to water and sand.

Check out the gear search engine spadout.com for the best prices on sports sandals.

Have questions? Give us a call and we’ll walk you through shoes that will make your river trip a happy trip! 800.856.8966

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