Grand Canyon Expeditions

Hatch River Expeditions offers a Grand Canyon white water rafting expedition to suit everyone’s taste and desire for adventure. Whether you prefer to travel the entire 188 river miles aboard a motorized whitewater raft, or have a yearning to drift along at the River’s pace on your own steam, we can provide one of the best adventures you have ever had.

We offer four types of Grand Canyon Expeditions:

Private Group Expeditions

          If you are interested in a lot of hiking, paddling, or simply want to spend a few more days on the river,

we can work with you to design a trip that fits your needs.

        Over the years, Hatch River Expeditions has catered to a variety of groups:

      • Business Groups
      • Religious Organizations
      • Scout Troops
      • School / University Groups
      • Corporate Retreats
      • Hiking Clubs
      • Canoe / Kayak Clubs
      • Yoga Classes
      • Environmental Organizations
      • Political Dignitaries
      • Celebrities
      • Documentary Filmmakers
      • Persons with Disabilities
      • Geological / Scientific Researchers
      • Groups of Family and Friends

Expeditions vary in length from 6 to 14 days with 16-29 people and a variety of boat and exit options.
BONUS: If you fill a reservation of 16 or more people on a motorized expedition, you get 1 of those spaces free.

Call our office today for information on reserving your group trip: 800.856.8966

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White Water Rafting is What We Do

Experience the most adventurous and amazing Grand Canyon vacation of your lifetime

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Physical Conditions

Hiking in the Grand Canyon is a strenuous activity, suitable only for those in good physical condition. Please read more about the conditions in the Grand Canyon

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