Grand Canyon Motorized River Rafting Expeditions

Take an extraordinary voyage through Grand Canyon on one of our motorized rafts. Let yourself become absorbed by the magic of Grand Canyon. Between the lulling sounds of the river and the sights of those age old canyon walls you can easily imagine the forces that combined to create such a vast expanse of beauty. Not only will you see the splendor of the Colorado River’s whitewater but you will also get to encounter it firsthand. Take our advice and sit in what we call the “bathtub” for at least a few rapids – you won’t regret it!

Our motorized trip is by far our most popular expedition as Grand Canyon outfitters. Hatch River Expeditions provides various trip lengths, so you can find one to fit your exact schedule. Seeing Grand Canyon from the bottom up is mind-blowing and we can work with you to help select the time frame that fits your needs.

White Water Rafting in the Grand Canyon

Each raft can accommodate up to 16 guests. Most of our trips launch with 2 boats and a total of 29 guests and 3 crew though we do have a few one boat launches. Our rigs are over 35 feet in length and 16 feet wide. They are exceptionally capable crafts suited for all water levels and conditions experienced within Grand Canyon. They are stealthily powered by 30-horsepower, four-stroke motors in an insulated motor well. These motors meet the EPA’s stringent emissions standards. Even better, they are so quiet that most of the time you don’t hear them.


7 Day Full Grand Canyon Whitewater Expedition

Join us for 7 days and 6 nights as we travel down the Colorado River, exploring the incredible Grand Canyon. Spanning 188-miles from Lees Ferry to Whitmore Wash, this week is packed with intense rapids, beautiful hikes, ancient ruins, waterfalls and memorable swimming spots. After each day’s events, enjoy a plentiful and delicious feast (made with love by your crew) and relax at camp under the glowing stars beyond the canyon walls. On the last day of your trip, take a scenic helicopter ride over the Canyon to Bar 10 Ranch, where you will say your goodbyes and snap some final pictures.


Price in 2016: $2688 per person

Sample Trip Itinerary For more information, download detailed trip breakdown.

Day 0 Arrive at Cliff Dwellers Lodge in Marble Canyon, AZ. Relax and rest for the approaching adventure!
Day 1-2 8:30am, meet our Hatch crew, pack your river bags, and shuttle to the river. Meet guides and listen to safety instruction and learn about the rafts. Enjoy the tour from the guides as your river trip begins. Eat lunch on a beautiful white sand beach and experience your first rapids: Soap and Badger Creek, House Rock and the Roaring Twenties. Pass below Vasey’s Paradise and frolic in Redwall Cavern. Hike to ancient Anasazi granaries or delve into side canyons.
Day 3-4 Don your lifejacket “diaper” and get ready to float the Little Colorado River. Begin preparations for larger rapids ahead as Horn, Granite, Hermit, and Crystal offer impressive waves and epic splashes. Perhaps you will stop at Phantom Ranch, Elves Chasm or Deer Creek Falls for more hiking, water play, and views.
Day 5-6 Hike up Havasu Canyon and enjoy the turquoise water paradise. Lava Falls signals the end of the journey so prepare to take it all in and appreciate this famous rapid. Sometimes the guides might give you a “second ride”. Unwind at camp and enjoy our home cooked meals, especially those Dutch oven brownies!
Day 7 The day begins early with your helicopter flight commencing around 7:00am where you will catch more than a glimpse of Grand Canyon from above. When you reach Bar 10 Ranch you will board a fixed wing aircraft to return you to Las Vegas, Marble Canyon or Page.


8 Day Full Grand Canyon Whitewater Expedition

The 8-day is a favorite for those looking for an extra day of fun. It is the same great trip as our 7-day expedition with one more day to explore, play, and enjoy the Grand Canyon. Guests travel by motorized rafts down from Lees Ferry to Whitmore Wash. Contact Hatch directly for more information and availability as this option is often reserved for private charters.


Price in 2016: $2988 per person

Sample Trip Itinerary For more information, download detailed trip breakdown.

Day 0-1 Travel to historic Cliff Dwellers Lodge near Lees Ferry. We book the rooms for you so settle in and enjoy the delicious treats their restaurant, the Cliffs, has to offer. Wake up and enjoy breakfast before meeting a Hatch employee directly in front of the restaurant. They will instruct you how to pack items into your dry bags as well as give you a pre-orientation. Hop into our Hatch vans for a quick ride down to the river where the safety orientation and introduction to the rafts will take place. Once onboard get ready for the first sights the Canyon has to offer.
Day 2-3 Travel through Marble Canyon and the Roaring Twenties rapids. Find yourself playing in the sand at Redwall Cavern and traveling below Vasey’s Paradise. Trek up to the Nankoweap Granaries and see the magnificent view. Make a stop at the famed Little Colorado River and learn some history before splashing around in the turquoise waters.
Day 4-5 Continue traveling in to the Inner Gorge of the Canyon. Notice the scenery changes occurring around Hance Rapid as these ancient rock formations surround you. Perhaps enjoy a stop at Phantom Ranch for a touch of civilization before some epic whitewater ahead. Granite, Hermit and Crystal approach so get ready for some serious rapids. See the gorgeous waterfalls at Elves Chasm or Deer Creek and experience the lush vegetation in these areas.
Day 6-7 Swim in the beautiful waters of Havasu Creek or build a “butt dam” at Matkatamiba Canyon. Look for Vulcans Anvil which signals the approach of Lava Falls. Hear the roar before you even approach the rapids. Sit back, relax and hang on!
Day 8 Rise and shine because the helicopter rides to Bar 10 Ranch begin at 7:00am. See the beautiful rocks of Grand Canyon from above. Upon arriving at the ranch, prepare to board a fixed wing aircraft to take you back to Las Vegas, Marble Canyon or Page, AZ.


4 Day Upper Grand Canyon Whitewater Expedition

Begin this trip near Marble Canyon, AZ and explore the 89 river miles from Lees Ferry to the bottom of Bright Angel Trail. You will have 4 days and 3 nights to absorb all that Grand Canyon has to offer. This trip packs a lot of adventure into each day with sufficient amounts of time to sit back and relax in the evenings. Enjoy appetizers and great meals every night before retiring to your campsite to look up at the Milky Way above. On the last day of this trip, hike the 9.5 miles of Bright Angel Trail from near Phantom Ranch to the South Rim of Grand Canyon.


Price in 2016: $1326 per person

Sample Trip Itinerary For more information, download detailed trip breakdown.

Day 0 Arrive in Marble Canyon, AZ the evening before your trip for a night at Cliff Dwellers Lodge. Often our guests drive to the South Rim of Grand Canyon where they leave a vehicle before taking the Trans-Canyon Shuttle, which you must arrange in advance, the 3 hours to the Lodge. This ensures that when you hike out of the Canyon that your vehicle will be waiting. There are other travel options as well, and our reservations specialists can help you decide which is best for you.
Day 1 A Hatch Representative will meet you just outside the Restaurant at Cliff Dwellers Lodge where they will orient you as to the basics of the trip and how to pack up the dry bags that we provide for you. Enjoy the scenery of Marble Canyon on the 20 minute drive down to the river where you will meet your guides for safety briefings and orientation to the rafts. All aboard because it’s time to embark on this Grand adventure. Let the splashes of the Paria Riffle initiate you before some larger rapids ahead.
Day 2-3 Enjoy Redwall Cavern and perhaps join in a game or two on the massive beach. See Vasey’s Paradise above before traveling down towards the Nankoweap Granaries which offer one of the best views on the river. Prepare for the highlight of swimming in the turquoise beauty of the Little Colorado River. Set camp upriver from Phantom Ranch and prepare for your last night in the Grand Canyon’s wilderness.
Day 4 You will wake early because your guided hike of the Bright Angel Trail begins around 6:00am. The hike is 9.5 miles and over 4000 feet of elevation gain so be prepared. On average the hike takes around 6-8 hours to get back to the South Rim of Grand Canyon.


4 Day Lower Grand Canyon Whitewater Expedition

After checking in with your hiking guide at Bright Angel Lodge, you begin your decent into the Grand Canyon to start this incredible adventure. Spend 4 days and 3 nights riding along the 99-mile span between the foot of the Bright Angel Trail and Whitmore Wash. The lower Canyon will include “Hermit,” “The Gems,” “Lava,” to name a few rapids, along with beautiful hikes, ancient ruins, and swimming destinations like the milky pools of lower Havasu. After all each day has to offer, enjoy a delicious meal prepared by our crew and unwind in this vast wilderness. On the last day of your trip, you will board a helicopter for a scenic ride out of the Canyon to Bar 10 Ranch, where you will depart after taking some final photographs.


Price in 2016: $1361 per person

Sample Trip Itinerary For more information, download detailed trip breakdown.

Day 1 Head over to the Bright Angel Lodge where you will meet your hiking guide at 5:00am in front of the fireplace and be ready to hike. This 9.5 mile hike averages between 5 and 6 hours. Arriving at the rafts around noon, get ready for an orientation before launching on the Colorado River. Lunch often occurs downriver a bit as our rafts travel through a few impressive rapids beforehand.
Day 2-3 Hike to Shinumo Creek or Elves Chasm for a magical introduction to the diversity that Grand Canyon has to offer. Trek up Deer Creek to see a beautiful slot canyon that mixes history, nature and geology into one. Adventure in Havasu Canyon while playing in the turquoise colored creek. Lava Falls signals the end of the trip so soak in all the endorphins it will provide. Unwind at camp and enjoy our home cooked meals, especially those Dutch oven brownies!
Day 4 Board a helicopter around 7:00am for a quick ride up to Bar 10 Ranch located on the rim of the Canyon. Take a few photos and enjoy the ride! Once at the ranch you will check in for a fixed wing aircraft flight back to Las Vegas or the South Rim of Grand Canyon.

Photo Courtesy of David Morrison

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