Customer Reviews

Why customers from all over the world keep choosing Hatch

Customer Reviews

You will love your time spent with Hatch River Expeditions. But you don't have to take our word for it!

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“Best one week vacation I ever had–drop dead gorgeous scenery while rafting down the Colorado River into the heart of the Grand Canyon plus sleeping under the stars, heart-thumping thrills through big rapids, excellent food, lots of stops to view wildlife along the river, and great short hikes to majestic waterfalls. What more could you ask for in one week?”

- Wayne E., May 26

* * *

“[The guides] were nothing short of amazing!!!! They worked constantly on making sure we had an epic adventure!! From my almost 80 year old parents to my 11 year old nephew, they catered to and pleased all. The amazing lore of the canyon rapids and history kept us in awe the whole trip!!!

If you haven’t done this trip you must put it on your bucket list, and if you have then do it again!!!”

- Patrick F., June 5

* * *

“I’ve been fortunate and done a lot of trips and relaxing vacations, some with more adventure components than others. This trip with Hatch was a great combination of both relaxation and adventure in a beautiful setting, making it a very rejuvenating experience.”

- Steve H., June 1

* * *

“Trip of a lifetime!!! Good friends, good guides, good equipment, beautiful scenery, gorgeous canyon, good food, good weather; truly EPIC!!! Oh, not to be left out, the owner meeting us at Cliff Dweller’s and giving us the trip preparation speech was excellent. We all appreciated his humor. Thank you Hatch River Expeditions”

- Ed M., May 11

* * *

“Can’t see how you could improve on it. It’s the middle of nowhere and they made us feel like we were at home.”

- William D., June 12

* * *

“I loved the trip and plan to do it again some day with other friends – I’ve already spoken volumes about your company to friends, family, co-workers etc. A once in a lifetime experience for sure – I’ve done lots of hiking trips etc., but this is #1 for sure and your organization is excellent.”

- Susan D., September 12

* * *

“Hatch is first class! You spoiled us each day!”

- Jennifer R., June 5

* * *

“Every Hatch employee that we interacted with was over-the-top courteous, responsive, and competent, from reservations to van drivers and boatmen.”

- Ray B., August 25

* * *

"My 11th trip with Hatch, out of 12 trips total through the Grand Canyon since 1986. Always a great experience, and it has gotten better over time. Thanks for all you do!"

- Frank P., June 4

* * *

“Once on the water we had a most exciting and adventurous time! Food was very good and varied. Never have made a sandwich on my palm before… quite the camping experience! Communication was good by all guides. They proved so knowledgeable about the river, its history, and the many stories!”

- Debby S., May 5

* * *

“This is the only company I’ve done this type of trip with on the Colorado river, so I don’t have much to compare it to, but I would definitely give it a 10 out of 10. As I commented above, the guides are excellent. The setup with the boats is perfect – getting to experience the rapids without having to paddle. The food is really good. The side hikes are fun. And also, there are a lot of little things that make the trip extra nice, such as having dessert every night, having ice for cocktails in the evening, having fruit on the boat or having the guides pull out a surprise bag of candy bars to pass around. The fun little dance they had everyone do after Lava Falls, all of the stories / history along the way. I would definitely definitely use this company again and recommend them to friend and family.”

- Katie W., August 28

* * *

“What a great team of people. Knowledgeable, experienced, accommodating and service oriented. These people enjoy sharing the world they love with their guests.”

- Tim K., August 2

* * *

“My family and I had a wonderful experience. We are in Vegas now and we can’t stop talking about this amazing vacation. We can not wait to show all of our wonderful pictures to all of our family and friends. The guides worked so hard to make sure everything was perfect. They are the reason that we rate our experience a “10”!!!! We are ready to do it again!!”

- Tia B., July 2

* * *

“You make the trip effortless, fun, interesting, comfortable, safe: a unique experience”

- Jerome C., August 11

* * *

"I just finished the most wonderful experience rafting through the Grand Canyon. In part it was because of the extraordinary care and time your company has put into planning out every detail. I realize that behind the scenes you are working diligently to make the raft experience a flawless and perfect trip for us. IT WAS!

The food was fresh, plenty and delicious. Water was plentiful and cold. [Our guides] prepared and delivered each meal in premier fashion. I was impressed with the cleanliness of the kitchen and the attention to detail they gave each meal. The “pumpkin” service with the freshly laundered sleep bag, comfy air mattress and pillow was certainly a treat. The most spectacular and amazing part of the trip were our two handlers. Safety was paramount and they were always on point in giving directions on the boat, while hiking, and at camp. They infused the perfect amount of geology, history, and humor as we went about our day.

I could not believe the amount of energy [our guides] had and how hard they work to make our trip the wonderful experience that it was.

Thank you Hatch Team for giving me one of the best experiences in my life.”

- Barbara M., July 4

* * *

“We all agreed that the trip was one of the best we have ever taken. Some of our friends had been on at least 6 trips before, and loved this one the best. One man said it was the most meaningful trip he has ever taken in his life.”

- Barbara W., September 8

* * *

“All of the Hatch employees had hustle, kindness, and cheer. From walking into the shop to buy a shirt and being offered coffee, to the flat out hustle we saw on the river of getting up early and working till bed to get our heard of cats fed and moving. Your crew made the experience so much better.”

- Matthew B., May 8

* * *

“Our guides were awesome and enthusiastic. We had a wonderful time with them and I would highly recommend their service to anyone else.”

- Samantha W., July 24

* * *

“The entire reservation and planning process was as easy as it could be. Someone from Hatch was always available to talk with when we had questions or concerns.

I cannot say enough about your guides and support staff – they were the absolute best. They kept us all on track for a safe trip while making the entire trip great fun. Perfect balance in their approach. You have a great team!”

- Greg M., May 18

* * *

“The pre-trip package mailed to us included everything we needed to know to pack and prepare for our first time down the river. We also enjoyed the packing video on the website – very helpful! We were impressed with the meticulous detail and thoroughness of the information provided. Also, [the office staff] was very cordial and responsive in answering our “silly” questions before we left as well.”

-Collen S., June 1

* * *

“Wonderful, wonderful trip, well staffed, delicious food, unbelievable scenery.”

- Sohie L., July 27

* * *

“I had a great time and some of my friends said it was a life changing experience. Very impressive Steve Hatch was at our launch! Nice guy and loved having the opportunity to meet him.”

- Pat M., April 27

* * *

“Our Hatch Grand Canyon rafting tour was a wonderful experience enjoyed by the kids and the adults. The scenery is beautiful. The river rafting is exciting with new adventures each day. We all had a wonderful time growing together as a family and as individuals.”

- Andrew J., June 15

* * *

“Best adventure vacation ever! Met great people in our group. Already looking forward to a repeat trip in the next few years.”

- Erik D., August 4

* * *

“Fabulous service and guides. A great customer experience for everything, from pre-trip questions to river stories!

Wonderful experience, would rebook this trip in a heartbeat!”

- Lindsey J., May 11

* * *

“We would totally recommend Hatch! I would love to go again! The guides were fantastic! The cooking was great!”

-Raven S., June 1

* * *

“Do you have a category slightly above “excellent” for the guides? They were awesome and they worked their butts off.”

- Donald L., May 8

* * *

“There’s not enough space here to fully describe how awesome I thought [our guides] were. They worked nonstop, were always upbeat and positive, knew what they were doing and were always upbeat courteous helpful professional etc. I really don’t know how they did all they did in the course of that week.

Could not have been better. I have not stop raving about our experience and what the Hatch team brought to that.”

- Don H., June 2

* * *

“Very professional and a world of information. Made the whole experience so much better. Always felt safe. Encouraged us to do more than we thought we could. Gourmet meals. Breath taking. Hard to capture in a camera lens. Scenery was incredible. Stars worth waking up for a few times a night. Shooting stars every night.”

- Pamela E., June 10

* * *

“Top- notch! Felt safe, secure and well fed!”

- Sally F., September 8

* * *

“Over the top awesome and an incredible experience.”

- Margaret M., September 12