Physical Requirements

Is a Hatch river trip right for you?

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A ​ Colorado River trip is an active vacation in a wilderness environment

To ensure the best possible vacation, we recommend showing up with an adventure attitude ready to explore the hidden depths of the Grand Canyon. Days will be spent navigating the mighty Colorado and veering off into a hidden side canyon for a bit of exploring. Nights will be spent camping on sandy beaches or rocky ledges. There are no hotel accommodations or hot showers. The beauty of this type of vacation is the journey and discovery that comes along with it.

Possibilities are endless as long as guests are aware of the extreme rustic nature of the trip. Though we do our very best to accommodate as many requirements and needs as possible, there are limited resources beyond the rafts and the amazing guides leading your voyages. Consider the needs of all members of your group and if necessary, call the office staff to discuss exactly what each trip entails.

We are in the business of including you all in our Grand Canyon family. Come and join us and enjoy the magic that the Canyon has to offer and be prepared for an adventure.

Physical Requirements - All Trips

Every guest on a Hatch River Expedition in Grand Canyon needs to be able to meet some basic physical requirements in order to participate fully and safely.

Contact our office if you would like to discuss the possibility of accommodating your physical challenge or medical condition.


Physical Requirements - Upper/Lower Canyon Trips

Guests on Upper or Lower Canyon ("exchange" style) trips ARE REQUIRED to hike the Bright Angel Trail into or out of the Grand Canyon. This hike is strenuous and requires adequate preparation and training prior to your expedition. If you are considering booking and Upper or Lower Canyon trip, review the physical requirements for this style of trip carefully.


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Is This Trip for Me?

We have hosted guests from 9 to almost 90. There’s a Hatch river trip for just about everyone. But remember, a river trip is an active vacation—it can be challenging to adjust to the physical conditions, including heat, cold, elevation, weather, water and sand. Being in good physical condition will enhance your enjoyment of the trip. Our extensive experience running rafting expeditions has provided us with the knowledge that some factors can provide guests with a more difficult experience than others. Those factors include age, weight, lack of conditioning and heart or other diseases. Please review our Visitor's Acknowledgement of Risk form for more specific information about the risks of white water rafting in the Grand Canyon.

Note: We are happy to accommodate a wide range of physical challenges and medical conditions. Neither previous whitewater experience nor swimming ability is required. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact our office for assistance.