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What if taking a trip with Hatch River Expeditions could be beneficial to your health?

In general, spending time in nature has many positive benefits for your health. Not only does being surrounded by the beauty of Grand Canyon provide a sense of awe and wonder that can be healing for the soul, but spending time in nature has various physiological benefits such as relaxation and stress reduction. Time in natural environments can even enhance cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure.

Navigating through rapids can be a po Read More

Answers to Common Questions the Hatch Office Receive

Once you’ve booked this trip of a lifetime, you are bound to have a multitude of questions. For many of our guests, camping for 7 days in a remote area with no cell service is something they have never experienced before, not to mention the world-class rapids! There are a ton of logistics to take care of on our end in the office, but a good amount of planning needs to take place on our guests’ end as well.

Do I rea Read More

Let’s take some time to appreciate some of the female influence on Grand Canyon and recognize some of the incredible women that have left their mark on this amazing place. There are so many amazing stories, but let’s start with one of our favorites, Rose Collom.

Rose E. Collom

After a field trip to Grand Canyon in 1938, Collom received a grant to collect species in the park. Rose Collom was a self-taught botanist who eventually became an expert on Arizona plants. Although self-taught, she was Read More

The outdoors isn't necessarily a space where everyone feels welcome. So, we wanted to take the time to share some resources that helped us learn how to make outdoor spaces more welcoming and what organizations you should know about because they are doing amazing work!

It is important to learn about the issues to best know how to resolve them. These articles, organizations, and podcasts can help you get acquainted with why the outdoors has been historically restrictive for many groups. It is vital to know the history so we ca Read More

October 7th, 2022What is "Winter Work"?

When our river season ends in September and most of our guides leave Marble Canyon for other professional opportunities, a few of them stick around to do what we call "Winter Work." What does Winter work look like? We took past blog posts and updated them for you to get an understanding of what happens after the last boat comes off the water and we prep for next season.

When the Colorado River rafting season ends, we head back to the warehouse and tear things apart. The rafts are totally dismantled and the pontoons are sanded, patche Read More

Finding the best shoe for the activity you are doing is something we all deal with daily. When it comes to what shoes to bring on river trips though, you might not have as easy a time deciding…especially if you have not done anything similar to this before.

If you live in Flagstaff, most of us already wear outdoor sandals in our everyday lives, but some of you would never buy them other than for the trip and do not plan to wear them after. Which is totally fair! However, we wanted to talk about one brand that has a special connection Read More

A common theme in the reviews we receive after guests get off the river is how incredible their guides were. We often get requests to give them raises along with praise for their vast knowledge of the canyon, entertaining stories, and unsurpassed hospitality. Our guides work their butts off to ensure our guests have the best experience in the Canyon they have come to love like their home. And our guests feel their passion and come away with a sense of compassion for the Canyon that the guides skillfully impart.

Many guests come off t Read More

Our reservationist Kiki and her husband recently went on their first trip with Hatch! Besides having an amazing time, she wanted to share some of what she learned and hopefully help some future newbies!


My first trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon was an indescribable experience, but I’ll try anyway. The vastness of the canyon is overwhelming in an amazing way. Even without modern technology, it is impossible to get bored. The eyes are constantly entertained by the unmatched views, the rapids are Read More

As you prepare for your trip and double-check the Gear Checklist we provide, you’ll notice we ask you to specifically bring Reef Safe sunscreen and biodegradable soaps. We wanted to make sure you knew exactly what that means so we can all aid in keeping the Grand Canyon at its healthiest and allowing future generations to continue to enjoy this incredible place.

Common ingredients in most sunscreens and soaps can have huge negative impacts on the ecosystems they are introduced to. Plants can developed impaired growth and issues for p Read More

There has been a lot of news coverage about the water in the Colorado River recently due to ongoing drought conditions in the Southwestern U.S. Each time the Bureau of Reclamation takes action regarding the Colorado River and the system of reservoirs it feeds, a spate of news articles are released trying to explain to the general public what exactly is going on and why. We understand that some of this news coverage can be alarming for people whose vacation plans include rafting on the Colorado River.

We want to assure you that based Read More