One of the most common questions we get from guests who have just finished reviewing the packing guide in our Trip Packets is, "Wait… why do I need rain gear?"

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Most people figure if they’re going rafting on a river wetness is part of the package. They aren’t wrong. But, here are 3 reasons we strongly recommend you bring the gear anyway.

  1. SHADE: Yesterday that hot sun beat down on you all day—in fact, you’re a little sunburned. But today, it’s been over an hour since you had more than a few seconds of sunshine, and you’re noticing the goosebumps rising, especially when you get sprayed a bit. Rain gear will keep those chills at bay until you reach a sunnier stretch.
  2. MORNING: You wake up in camp, stumble from your cot, get a cup of coffee, and you notice it’s a little chilly. That warm coffee feels kind of good. You know what else will feel good? Not being splashed with 50 degree water! Throw on your rain pants and jacket and you can remain warm and cozy until things get a little warmer out there.
  3. RAIN: This is the desert. You could easily go a week or two without a drop of rain. But, this is the desert. When it does rain, it rains hard, and it can be difficult to predict when exactly that will be. Monsoons tend to be concentrated in July and August, but the weather out here is notoriously unreliable. Having your rain gear ready just in case is not a decision you’ll regret.

So, what kind of rain gear do you need on a Colorado River rafting trip? Here’s a checklist to help you ensure you’ve chosen the best style:

___ 2 pieces (jacket and pants)

___ completely waterproof (not just water resistant)

___ jacket has hood that cinches closed

___ jacket sleeves stretch tight around your wrists

___ pant cuffs stretch tight (so no water can get up them)

Great gear = great trip! So get the good stuff, then get out there and enjoy the water (or not)!

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3 Reasons You’ll Want Rain Gear on Your Colorado River Rafting Trip was last modified: August 31st, 2015 by Jessica Clark

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