Hatch River Expeditions

Photo Courtesy of Lynn Cardwell

Doing a trip 30 years later with Hatch River Expeditions is the ultimate cherry on top. Sure a few things have changed in the meantime. Lately Hatch has received a couple trip requests from guests who had previously traveled in the 1970s or earlier. What fun to be able to take the trip again and experiencing the Colorado River through Grand Canyon with a new perspective on life.

A major change includes the fact that Steve Hatch is the third generation owner and operator of Hatch River Expeditions. He follows both Bus and Ted Hatch as the operators in Grand Canyon and brings amazing experience to the company. Keeping Hatch in the family has provided 81 years of experience to this river rafting.

For one, the motors are significantly quieter which enhances the overall experience beyond belief. A few years back, Hatch River Expeditions invested in a new fleet of extremely low emission 4 stroke motors for the fleet which has been an awesome investment. Oar boats have also improved and are now self-bailing hypalon rubber. This benefits guest and crew so that they don’t have to continually bail through the rapids.

The food quality has increased. Between the newer technology in coolers and the ability to get fresher produce and meat sooner, the river meals are out of this world. Guests often comment on the ability to have fresh foods all the way at the end of a 12 day trip. Let’s just say that the over 80 years of experience has given us an insight on packing and purchasing. The guides cook three meals a day when working and have quite bit of experience in the "kitchen". Just as back then, Hatch crew members have the art of packing down pat. Guests are continually amazed how much gear can be packed on the rafts.

Hatch has worked hard to improve inclusions based on guest recommendations. The sleeping gear is now included in every trip. Guests used to have to bring their own sleeping gear. Imagine it! The packing list included bringing a sleeping bag, air mattress or pad and even a plastic ground sheet or tube tent. It made sense for the time period but guests over time have encouraged Hatch to include all this to make travel easier. Now motorized expeditions provide camp cots (hooray!), sleeping bag, pillow, ground cloth and even tents. Oar trips include the same except foam pads instead of camp cots.

Obviously more changes have occurred than just these but the Canyon rarely does. A few rapids have altered in their paths and campsites have changed with the effects of the dam but the river and the Canyon continue their eternal presence. Come with Hatch River Expeditions and experience our experience in Grand Canyon. We’ll see you on the river!

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