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Has it been mentioned how much Hatch Expeditions loves the location in which it is located? From the desert expanses near Marble Canyon to the forested area near Flagstaff, we like our office with a view. Vermillion Cliffs paint the windows near the warehouse and bald eagles rest in trees outside the office. Below are 5 aspects of Northern Arizona that we absolutely love!

  • The Landscape – A major duhhhh on this one. Considering Grand Canyon lies just miles from home and within a day’s drive lie more than 10 visit worthy destinations, Northern Arizonan’s are truly lucky to be surrounded by such majesty. Geology is to blame for this excess of beautiful landscapes ranging from the Canyon to Sedona to the Mogollon Rim. And we couldn’t be any happier.
  • The History – Archeological sites litter the landscape in Northern Arizona. People have traversed this land for thousands of years leaving behind clues as to how they lived. Cliff dwellings exist everywhere from Montezuma’s Castle near Camp Verde to the massive community found near Walnut Canyon. Communities thrived near Wupatki where a large structure surrounded by other homes can be found showing how well these people adapted to desert conditions. A short walk from my own home leads to cliff dwellings and caves showing remnants of a community that thrived off the land. Pottery shards can still be found today – though leaving these pieces behind ensures the history will remain for generations.
  • The Weather – Heading north through Arizona, the elevation increases as the Colorado Plateau is ascended. Higher elevations lead to lower temperatures and shifts in the local vegetation. Flagstaff is surrounded by a Ponderosa Pine forest and as well as juniper. The South Rim of the Grand Canyon has similar vegetation which creates a lovely, cooler environment. As summer approaches, the rest of the state looks north jealous of the mild summers experienced in high country. Now, at the bottom of Grand Canyon, temperatures increase to a more desert like climate so be prepared for that weather when departing South Rim for those on Lower Canyon trips.
  • The People – Surrounded by outrageously beautiful scenery and National Parks and Forests in every direction, a certain outdoor enthusiast tends to live in Northern Arizona. From the rafting guides looking for a thrill to the nature lover’s looking for some beauty and even the college kids just wanting to be in a mountain town, the people here tend towards the outdoorsy. A laidback attitude in the high country leads to a fun collection of people.
  • The Culture – The mixture of the locals that gravitate towards this place and the thousands of tourists that navigate Grand Canyon country every year, the culture has evolved. From cowboy bars to hippie hangouts, there really is something for everyone. Many locals buy locally and support the economy. Some fantastic restaurants have popped up using only local ingredients and even donating scraps to the local compost guys. NAU provides a stream of youths looking to make a difference whether socially or environmentally.

So come visit the beautiful place Hatch Expeditions calls our backyard. If possible, spend some time exploring the high country. You won’t be disappointed.

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