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When booking wilderness river adventures with Hatch River Expeditions, one of the first questions that pops up tends to be, "What are the most important items on the packing list?" Guests want to know for a variety of reason such as the fact that it might pose an additional investment or they just need to plan ahead. Here are 6 of the major players on any packing list that are absolute MUST HAVES. By the way, don’t just bring these 5 items. Follow the detailed packing list and use it as an outline for what should be purchased. Just use this list to hone in on some of the particulars that can really increase enjoyment of any river trip.

  1. Rain Gear – Yes, you need it and yes, you will love it. This point continually comes up as many guests wonder how much it might really be used on a day it might reach 100 degrees in the Canyon. Keep in mind that that water flowing through the Colorado River in Grand Canyon averages near 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This plus the fact that because of the massive cliff faces bordering the river sunlight doesn’t always hit all points of the Canyon at all times. So facing those rapids head on at 8am might prove a bit uncomfortable. This coupled by the fact that thunderstorms have been known to pop up over the Southwest region without notice will have guests thankful for the investment of two piece rain gear.
  2. Broken in Sport Sandals – Side canyon hiking seems to be a major highlight for many travelers in Grand Canyon. Trekking in sturdy, comfortable and broken in sport sandals can ensure guests can see every nook and cranny on these guided hikes. Perfect for wearing on the raft as well as on "wet hikes" where streams may be encountered. Rumor has it that some of the original brands of strap on sport sandals were developed especially for river guides. Wear them around the house, to the market or even to work ahead of time to ward off the possibility of blisters and be in the know just like the guides.
  3. Sunscreen – Apply, reapply, and reapply. Repeat. Keep homeostasis happily functioning in the human body by avoiding the chance of burning. Even a small burn can be uncomfortable so get some quality sunscreen and reapply throughout the day; even it says it is long-wear or waterproof. And don’t forget the SPF chapstick.
  4. Lotion – Though not one of the big ticket items by a long shot, these moisturizing options can be a lifesaver within the desert depths of Grand Canyon. Sun and sand do their best to dry out skin. This topped with hand washing before every meal and feet being wet much of the day, a little salve goes a long way. Slather in abundance every evening before bed and be happy you did!
  5. Long-Sleeved Shirts – Covering up can keep guests cool. Though counter-intuitive in a sense, having a long sleeve shirt to keep the harsh rays of the sun off can make such a difference. Use an expert tip of dunking these in the water to use the powers of evaporative cooling to stay cool.
  6. Swimsuit – There will be lots of opportunities for swimming in some of the most beautiful natural wonders on the planet. Having a swimsuit either on or handy ensures guests are ready whenever the opportunity presents. Always bring a spare, though, to make sure one is always dry, comfy and ready to go.

Take note of these must-have items for those upcoming wilderness river adventures. Study that packing list and let the office staff know if any questions pop up whether one year in advance or one day in advance.

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