1. Get wet, naturally.

Lava Falls rapids

You know you want to see the whitewater in Lava Falls up close and personal.

2. Hike in one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World.

Grand Canyon Sightseeing

Grand Canyon tops the list.

3. See it from the bottom up.

Inner Grand Canyon

Only about 10% of visitors to Grand Canyon actually venture into the Inner Canyon.

4. Make friends from all over.

International Groups

Our guests travel from all over the world from the US and Canada as and as far away as Germany and China.

5. Feel insignificant.


Exploring and rafting between those mile high cliffs is destined to have an impact.

6. Photograph the Canyon.

Grand Canyon Photography

You don’t have to be Ansell Adams to get great shots of the Canyon. Between the colors of the walls to the ever-changing lighting you will likely get some truly amazing photographs.

7. Shower under a waterfall.

Outdoor Waterfall Shower

This will definitely outshine any shower you have taken at home The scenery is pretty great too.

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