The leaves fall and the temperatures drop but it isn’t until about mid-January when the winter time blues kick in. Whether due to ice scraping, sweater wearing or just a plain addiction to summer time warm weather, these winter months can cause much in the way of missing that elusive Grand Canyon white water. See if any of these feelings ring a bell about that wonderful nostalgia created for anyone that’s been rafting in the Grand Canyon.

  • When the weather starts to turn, it can be co difficult to let go of those favorite Chaco sandals. Just perfectly broken in from the summer months of adventure. Memories of hiking in ancient side canyons ensue when putting them on. So when winter comes, it’s not hard to imagine why this perhaps "fashion faux pas" of pairing Chacos with socks is worth the risk. Full dedication results when toe socks are worn to accommodate that big toe strap without looking weird. Yep.

Grand Canyon white water

  • Ever been in the situation where the swimsuit drawer of the dresser is accidentally opened? Seeing the tropical colors and prints can bring a rush of nostalgic emotions about the times those swimsuits were worn. Remember that rafting trip where that yellow polka dot bikini basically served as undergarments for a week?
  • Shoveling snow that gets everywhere makes you miss dusting sand off basically everywhere. Ever heard that age old argument, is it better to be too hot or too cold. During winter months in super snowy locations the best guess would be that being too hot and covered in sand sounds immensely more pleasurable than being bundled up in a huge parka and shoveling the walkway.
  • Climbing in to that freezing cold car at seven in the morning gives an extreme rush of longing for the days of having to cover the buttocks before sitting down on the raft. The feelings of gratitude for the thoughtful guide that splashed water on the pontoon before sitting down make the freezing cold temperatures much more endurable. Think hot, feel hot.
  • Swirling that scarf around the neck to keep comfy and warm brings back wonderful sarong memories. Whether it be the thoughts of lounging on a fine sandy beach with the sarong as the towel or wrapping up for a bit of fancy dress, sarong > scarf.
  • Protecting the lips from chapping can be a year-round endeavor. Ever pulled out that black Chapstick and thought back to the ample amounts applied while on the river? Amazing how cold, dry wind can have the same effects as sun, sand and heat in the Grand Canyon.
  • Wife ever come home with salmon in January and say, "Hey hon, can you grill this please?" Somehow standing under the overhang tending the grilling salmon just is not the same as being served a luscious salmon with mango salsa. Those grill marks look perfect and taste even better while on the river. Darn you summer, get here already!

Grand Canyon white water really is the ultimate summer time vacation. Book one in 2015 and have those memories to fend off those winter time blues for next year. We hope to see you soon!

7 Reason Winter Makes Us Miss Grand Canyon White Water Trips was last modified: July 22nd, 2015 by Katy Nelson

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