Grand Canyon trivia provides a major highlight on Colorado River raft trips. Perhaps immense interest subsists because of the magnitude of this place. With something as large and immense as the Grand Canyon, people often need to put numbers to the sights in order to comprehend. While staring into the unknown between rims, guests want to conceptualize what lies before them. Below find some interesting tidbits to help put this magical space into perspective before launching on any trips.

  1. How wide is Grand Canyon?

The Canyon can reach up to 18 miles wide but the average is around 10 miles. It can be pretty incredible to look out across the depths of Grand Canyon to the other side. The North Rim actually rises over 1,000 feet higher that the South Rim which can make for some pretty incredible views and vistas.

  1. How deep is Grand Canyon?

It can be as deep as one mile which is pretty amazing. Even more incredible considering that guests on either Upper or Lower Canyon trips undertake a hike either into or out of Grand Canyon which means that they climb up or down about a mile just in elevation alone. Talk about a stair master.

  1. How long is Grand Canyon?

Grand Canyon is 277 miles long measured from Lees Ferry. Most Hatch trips occur within River Mile 0 through 188 just below Lava Falls.

  1. Where does the water come from?

The Colorado River is 1,450 miles long. It cuts through seven US states and two states in Mexico. The headwaters lie in the Rocky Mountains. This river drains 246,000 square miles of land. Other rivers included in this drainage include the Green, White, San Juan, Little Colorado and Virgin Rivers.

  1. What is the source and mouth of the Colorado River?

As is mentioned above the headwaters are located in the Rocky Mountains and the mouth ends in the Gulf of California.

  1. What is the average depth of the Colorado River?

Though it varies dramatically, the average depth is about 33 feet but it gets as deep as 90 feet.

  1. What is the average width of the Colorado River?

The river averages about 300 feet wide. The smallest width is 76 feet and the widest width is 600 feet.

  1. What is the average gradient of the river?

The average gradient is about 8 feet per mile. It falls around 1,900 feet from River Mile 0 to 280. This matters because as the altitude drops the temperature increases. Average temps near Lake Mead vary dramatically from averages at Lees Ferry.

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8 Questions to Test Your Knowledge of Grand Canyon on Colorado River Raft Trips was last modified: July 22nd, 2015 by Katy Nelson (Photo Courtesy of Bob Golden)

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