Only you and your doctor can determine your physical limits. A whitewater rafting trip with Hatch River Expeditions promises opportunities for times of high exertion and no exertion at all.

"I am 73 years old and always wanted to do this. It was number one on my ‘Bucket List’. I am so glad I did it; it was a trip of a lifetime. What a wonderful job those ladies did (Sarah & Kelly). I am in awe of them, such hard workers, and so knowledgeable and so very helpful on all those beautiful trips to the side canyons. There was not a question they could not answer. Thank you for the greatest vacation ever."
– Luise Bell of Tucson, Arizona (All Women Trip, Sept. 9-15, 2010)

You can sit out or join the group on side canyon hikes and swims. If you stay with the rafts on the Colorado River, you’ll have time to relax, enjoy a longer lunch, read and chat with others who decide to stay back.

There are age limits for children on both oar and motorized whit water rafting trips. Children must be nine on the day of departure for motorized trips and 12 for an oar powered trip.

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