Food and water yes, showers or a mobile phone signal, not so much.

Availability of these will greatly differ on a Grand Canyon white water rafting trip. So that you can plan a bit better when you’ll be able to phone home to check in and take a proper shower, here’s a rundown of what’s available. Keep in mind that time constraints may change the likelihood that you’ll be able to stop to take advantage of services.

Full and Lower River trips end with a short helicopter ride into the Whitmore Airport at Bar 10 Ranch before flying out to Marble Canyon or Las Vegas. We’ll send you off early in the morning with a continental type breakfast. If time permits, you may shower at Bar 10 Ranch. If you fly back into Marble Canyon to rendez vous your car, you may shower at the Hatch warehouse.

The river portion of upper River trips will end and lower River trips will start at the Phantom Ranch area. You’ll be hiking in/out with the group and a guide (for safety) so stopping for a meal at Phantom Ranch won’t be possible. You’ll be hiking out with a sandwich and snacks. If you’re hiking in, have a hearty breakfast and your guide will provide snacks. There is a pay phone at Phantom Ranch (bring a phone card), but no mobile phone access. Your hike in/out of the canyon will also include a stop at Indian Gardens. There are shaded seating areas and year-round water. Mobile phone service is spotty on the trail above Indian Gardens.

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