The beautiful sixty plus degree weather creeping its way into Flagstaff (not to mention the ninety degree days Phoenix is experiencing) makes us glad that spring is on its way. With only twenty five days left until the April eleventh first launch of the season, excitement is growing around the Hatch offices. Grand Canyon white water rafting trips are just around the corner and with it the ability to share this majestic place with guests.

It seems that this has been a rough winter for much of the country. Snow and cold and then more snow that just keeps coming seems to be a theme this year. Though it is definitely enjoyed by many an outdoor enthusiast, the daily grind can sometimes be affected and helps sends some of those "snowbirds" south. But guess what? Snow birds come in all ages and planning a summertime vacation can be the perfect opportunity for those feeling the winter time blues.

Imagine running those fingers through the sand at the breathtaking campsite in the evening. Take a moment and remember that feeling. Think about the juxtaposition of the cool fifty degree water and the ninety something degree day. Then remember that the chill water is often higher in temperature than many a winter day up north. Capture the feeling of the warm rubber under those legs and appreciate the warmth radiating through. Remember that and take note that these moments don’t last all year.

As spring makes its entrance, take the time to appreciate this beautiful weather. Consider a rafting expedition to capture some of those fantastic moments that linger all year long. The luxurious warmth that can be experienced in the Canyon is like nothing else on earth. With the planning, packing, traveling, rafting, adventuring, swimming, exploring, hiking, learning, photographing, retuning, remembering, reminiscing and a million other descriptive verbs, booking Grand Canyon white water rafting trips can be something to look forward to during all seasons.

Grand Canyon white water rafting trips

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