What if taking a trip with Hatch River Expeditions could be beneficial to your health?

In general, spending time in nature has many positive benefits for your health. Not only does being surrounded by the beauty of Grand Canyon provide a sense of awe and wonder that can be healing for the soul, but spending time in nature has various physiological benefits such as relaxation and stress reduction. Time in natural environments can even enhance cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure.

Navigating through rapids can be a powerful way to connect with nature and the soothing sounds of the water can help us be fully present in the moment.

Trips give guests an opportunity to be disconnected from screens and electronic devices, which can also help improve your sleep patterns, as the blue light emitted by screens has been shown to disrupt sleep. Having less screen time can also reduce stress levels, improve focus and brain function, and reduce strain on your eyes.

Not only do guests get the benefits of being in nature and disconnected from devices, but sleeping under the stars can also be incredibly peaceful and calming. No artificial lights or sounds to distract you can lead to a deep sense of relaxation and tranquility, helping you to unwind and de-stress.

In addition to its calming effect, sleeping under the stars can also help your body regulate its natural sleep cycle, which leads to feeling more rested and rejuvenated. Plus, with the fresh air and peaceful surroundings, you'll likely feel energized and refreshed.

There are many benefits to spending a week on the Colorado River in Grand Canyon. From the calming and rejuvenating effects to its physical health benefits, a river trip might be just what you need to reset!

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