"We were so impressed with the quality of guides. Kelly, Rico, Brian, Sean, Lena and Dom who showed ultimate skill, patience, encouragement, friendliness, knowledge, and love of the Canyon. They emphasized safety first, and then treated us to unending fun and excitement on the rapids, as well as beauty and serenity of the river and campsites. We treasured every minute, including the shore excursions and hikes into those remote and extraordinary settings. I also want to compliment your meal planner, Michelle, as well as the guides’ outdoor cooking skills. The food was outstanding: fresh, plentiful, and surprisingly varied. I had no idea we would have delicious meals. Finally, the hike up the canyon was challenging, but with good advice. walk 50 minutes, rest for 10, walking companions, we made it up – quite an accomplishment for 60-year-olds and something that we’ll brag about to our friends."

Andrea & Tom R. Florida. May 2011

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