If you’re on an upper or lower river trip – both motorized and oar-powered – you’ll be hiking in/out the Bright Angel trail. You and your river mates will hike as a group and will be escorted by a guide.

Even if you’re not slated to hike the Bright Angel trail, you’ll have daily opportunities to hike the side canyons within the Grand Canyon.

Summer 2011 guest, Kari Ahern, let us use some of her hiking photos.

So far, we’ve covered the obvious Bucket List: whitewater raft the Grand Canyon and the cheater Bucket List: free helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon (with a side cheat of small airplane ride) and now we have a third adventure for our Bucket List: an amazing hike in the Grand Canyon.

Food for Hikes
Keeping fueled is as essential as keeping hydrated. Salty and nutritious snacking along the trail will keep you powered to finish the hike in style. Hiking in or out, stopping for a meal at Phantom Ranch won’t be possible. You’ll be hiking out with a sandwich and snacks. If you’re hiking in, have a hearty breakfast on your own and your guide will provide snacks.

Water and Rest Stations while on the Bright Angel trail
There are water points all along the trail. During summer months there is potable drinking water at Bright Angel Campground, Indian Garden Campground, Three-Mile Resthouse, and Mile-and-a-Half Resthouse. From mid-October to early May, water is only available at Bright Angel Campground and Indian Garden. There is never potable water available at the River Resthouse. Resthouses provide composting toilets and a shady spot to rest, enjoy the view, hydrate and eat a snack.

Your Gear – hiking it in or out on the Bright Angel Trail
You are responsible for hiking out your pack. A luggage service is offered through the park’s concessionaire Xanterra. Check out their site for the latest cost ($64 as of this writing), procedures, and weight and size limitations.

Preparation for the Bright Angel Trail
The National Park Service has great resources for hiking in the Grand Canyon. Don’t be fooled; the hike is just as much a part of the adventure as the whitewater rafting portion of your trip.

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