This is why we’re here: We love the Grand Canyon. We love the Colorado River. We love our jobs and most of all, we love sharing all of this with you.

A whitewater rafting trip with Hatch River Expeditions isn’t just about crossing something off your bucket list. It’s about the gourmet river food; our amazing-hard-working-fun guides; breath-taking hikes up winding ravines; really cold white water; standing in waterfalls; photographing Grand Canyon wild flowers, wild life and the wild faces of your new friends; knowing what the canyon is like at sunset and sunrise; learning about River lore from the guides; sitting back on the raft and marveling at the geology; and so many other surprises that you’re just going to have to experience for yourself.

So, this post is an excuse to share some of our favorite Colorado River photos. Enjoy and share your own photos with others on Facebook by tagging them with “Hatch River Expeditions”.

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