It would be great if we could all give our adventurous family members rafting trips for the holidays, but they don’t fit into every budget. If you can’t give your family member or friend the trip of a lifetime with Hatch, the next best thing is to help them gear up for a trip they book themselves! Here are some of our top gift recommendations for the river rafter on your Christmas list.

Waterproof Camera ($$$)

How do you capture all the best moments of your trip without damaging expensive camera equipment? Get a waterproof camera! Cameras like this range from around $100 to a few hundred depending on the quality and features. Make sure to get your loved one a sturdy strap to help them hang on to their device while they’re bouncing through rapids or navigating the unmaintained trails of the canyon.

Small Hiking Backpack ($$)

All of our trips involve some hiking. Folks who travel with us will need a way to carry their water, sunscreen, cameras, and any other little items they may want when trekking up the side canyons they visit. This is where a small hiking backpack comes in. We provide each guest with a dry bag in which to keep their day gear that is about 21” long with an 8” diameter opening. A backpack that fits in these dimensions would make a great gift for any future Hatch traveler. (If you’re used to thinking of bag capacity in terms of liters, try looking for packs that are smaller than 10 liters.)

Microfiber Camp Towel ($)

Need a great stocking stuffer? A lightweight, quick drying, microfiber towel is great to have along on a Hatch trip where a full sized beach towel is too bulky or heavy to be practical. These towels come in a variety of sizes and styles, many with convenient loops to hook them to other gear while waiting for them to dry.

Water Bottle ($)

Water is absolutely essential when camping and hiking in the desert backcountry. We recommend every guest bring two unbreakable water bottles with loops for hooking them onto the raft using carabiners. (Hatch has a great option that doubles as a souvenir!)

Stylish Sun Protection ($)

The sun is absolutely relentless in Grand Canyon. We ask all of our guests to be prepared with plenty of sun protective clothing in addition to loads of sunscreen. Consider getting the rafter on your list a stylish sun hat or a cool pair of sunglasses! Also useful are bandanas, buffs, and sarongs, that can be easily put on and taken off throughout the day to provide a little extra coverage.

Travel Toiletry Containers or Bags ($)

There are tons of innovative products out there to help folks pack, organize, and travel with all the toiletries they need. A small bag to organize these items or a set of camping-friendly reusable containers for shampoos, lotions, etc., would make a great budget friendly gift.

Grand Canyon Specific Recommendation: Books or Guidebooks

One way to enhance any trip is to read up about the destination in advance. A Grand Canyon guidebook is a fun way to get excited about the journey in advance, and makes a great reference tool on the river. Other books about Grand Canyon can also be great ways to make someone even more excited about their upcoming trip!

Hatch Specific Recommendation: Hatch Branded Clothing or Gear

We have tons of great t-shirts, hoodies, and caps that make great trip souvenirs. Many items also double as perfect river wear! If you want to give a gift that reminds someone special of the adventure they had with Hatch for years to come, take a look at the Hatch Gear available on our online store.

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