Grand Canyon outfitters

Every year, Grand Canyon outfitters attend the America Outdoors Association conference. The location varies by year. Last year, the whole Hatch office crew visited neighboring Albuquerque, New Mexico for this event. This year the conference will be held in beautiful Daytona Beach, Florida which is lucky for these Flagstaff residents because it has been COLD here lately. Waking up to 12 degree temperatures is a bit chilly so 70 degrees and beach weather sounds like a treat.

This conference is by no means a complete vacation, though. Hatch employees attend many seminars relating to many things regarding our business. AOA is a collection of all kinds of outdoor outfitters from around the country. Whether it is other rafting companies, zip line adventures and even hunting outfitters, people of likeminded businesses converge to learn about the industry. Between the networking events and learning about enhancements in the industry, this conference is a major highlight for Hatch staff.

This year, the Hatch offices will be closed from December 2-5. Hatch provides this opportunity to office staff and even pays the way for these guys and gals to learn and seek improvements for Grand Canyon outfitters. Owners attend as well and partake in meetings ranging from outfitter meetings and sit downs with the National Park Service. As mentioned above, this is a treat especially to hear what is going on in similar industries. There is also a trade show with many companies including raft outfitters that Hatch uses and clothing companies. Have we mentioned that we are working on an online store? This is the perfect opportunity to load up on retail items for our guests!

Remember that the Hatch offices will be closed from December 2-5, 2015 as we attend the AOA conference. Staff will be checking messages and emails and responding when available. Hatch will be back to business on December 8, 2014.

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