Hatch River Expeditions continually strives to not only meet but exceed best practices for environmental stewardship. In that quest, Hatch aligns with the National Park Service’s vision for Grand Canyon. This magnificent wilderness is not only a beautiful destination but Grand Canyon outfitters home as well. It is a major aim that we strive to continually align ourselves with these goals and policies to protect this precious resource.

We have recently put in place an environmental plan aimed at implementing new strategies and strengthening existing green stewardship policies. This list is ever changing and growing as changes in the industry occur and technology advances. Best practices are an ever evolving standard. Some of the highlights of the current plan include:

  • Investing in extremely low emission 4-stroke motors for the fleet. These motors are quieter and much more efficient that motors of years past. The motors allow Hatch guests the opportunity to travel the majority of the length of Grand Canyon at a convenient pace.
  • Providing re-usable mugs for each guest as well as dishes used throughout the trip minimizing waste. Imagine using disposable dishes and cups for the duration of traveling within nature’s heart. Hatch attempts to minimize waste by reusing and setting up convenient washing stations to streamline the process.
  • Recycling around 7 tons of waste accumulated between our locations in Marble Canyon and Flagstaff every year. This has been a major accomplishment and well worth the extra expenditure of effort.
  • Shifting towards a "paperless" philosophy including the opportunity for guests to send in personal information and risk forms electronically. Just cutting out a percentage of paper communication both internally and with guests can reduce the environmental impacts.
  • Continual support and participation in the Alternate Motor Boat Program with Grand Canyon River Outfitters Association. This program continues the forward thinking ideas of Grand Canyon outfitters and we are all very excited about the prospects.

We also work to uphold Leave No Trace ethics both in and out of the Canyon. Not only does our staff implement these tactics but we also pass along the education to guests. This way we can reach over 1,500 people per year and stress the importance of minimizing environmental impacts in every situation.

Hatch River Expeditions works to foster the local and river community as well. Approximately 80% of guests donated to the Grand Canyon Fund which provides access to Grand Canyon and is managed by Grand Canyon River Outfitters Association. We also source food and services to local vendors when possible. We have contributed to many charitable organizations including Grand Canyon Youth and Native Voices through Grand Canyon River Outfitters Association. Owners and staff also stay incredibly active in the Flagstaff river community by attending many benefits throughout the year including those put on by the Whale Foundation and Grand Canyon Youth.

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