Daytona Beach has been a hoot thus far. Grand Canyon rafting tour guides and outfitters have gathered in this lovely beach town for a conference about the up and coming issues and products in this industry. Sometimes it is nice to step away from Northern Arizona and associate with many other companies from all over America. And the seafood doesn’t hurt either.

Grand Canyon rafting tour guides

The hotel and conference center are directly on the beach which is wonderful. No cars needed and shoes are optional (joking). Though really this is a fun and interesting convention because of the nature of these businesses. Think shorts and flip flops instead of dress coats and ties. Though it is a work conference, Hatch employees have spent quite a bit of time outside and at the beach. The sounds of the waves are enchanting, though it is an unnerving feeling staying in a state surrounded on three sides by water. I guess that’s because desert dwellers are not used to an abundance of water.

A major event that has been the talk of the conference was the launch of NASA’a Orion deep space capsule. The local pier and beach were crammed on Thursday at 7:04 AM with outfitters anticipating the launch…and the that silly boat in range put a hold on the launch. Three times this happened with all the members ready to jump up at any second for the rescheduled launch. Alas it was scrubbed until Friday due to multiple issues including wind. Friday morning ended up being the success story and it was truly magical to see. Technology is profound in any sector but space exploration specifically.

Grand Canyon rafting tour guides

Much of the rest of the time was spent in educational and political sessions about anything from the internet to NPS issues and even a session on rope tying games. Grand Canyon rafting tour guides association, GCROA, sponsored a party for the rest of the members on Thursday evening and it was a major hit. With the creole food, fun games and fabulous karaoke, this party was not to be missed.

Grand Canyon rafting tour guides

It has been a blast to catch up with the industry and move forward Hatch’s goal of continual improvement. Thanks America Outdoors Association for another great learning and connecting opportunity.

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