The Guides Training Seminar occurs annually every spring. Grand Canyon rafting tours guides come together at the Hatch warehouse which is located in Marble Canyon, Arizona to prepare for the upcoming year. Grand Canyon River Guides puts the event together and offers a land session followed by a river trip.

Grand Canyon Rafting Tours Guides

not a bad view, eh?

Both seminars strive to increase the knowledge base for guides rafting the Grand Canyon. From classes to certification refreshers to interpretive seminars, this event brings together many in the rafting community. Beyond the learning atmosphere, the social aspect provides benefit for people to learn one another within this small community. Outfitters, guides, National Park Service staff, educators and scientists are just some of the makeup of this event.

Imagine two hundred plus guides getting together for all things a rafting, Colorado River and Grand Canyon. The workshops are immensely diverse ranging from programs in Grand Canyon to experimental studies being summed up. Between public health, high flow event research and even an update from a river ranger, this event embodies the tight knit community all coming together to support the Grand Canyon.

Ever wonder why guides know so much about current events in the region? Most stay up to date and not only refresh their knowledge of geological, historical and environmental aspects but also stay current on the contemporary goings on in the area. Between seminars such as this, science river trips and reading periodicals many guides know a plethora of knowledge about this place.

This year the focus is on Canyon and River Heritage. Some of the scientific topics to be discussed are springs of the Grand Canyon and invasive species in Glen Canyon. They will also discuss history of rafting in Grand Canyon including talks about the 1869 Powell Expedition, a 1953 Grand Canyon expedition and a tribute to river pioneer, Martin Litton. What better way to learn about rafters past than from current rafting advocates.

This event has been held at the Hatch warehouse for years. As a central location for Grand Canyon rafting tours guides assemble, the launch point for many a river trip seems the perfect place to amass. With requirements to attend being only to bring a camp chair and a mug, you can bet that the weekend will be fun and fabulous as always.

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