Grand Canyon white water

Photo Courtesy of Jean Nemechek

Grand Canyon white water season is back in full swing here in Arizona. The first trip has successfully concluded and fantastic reviews come flooding the office. Hatch likes to kick things off with a bang sending out the Hiking Focused trip in April. Between the gorgeous weather and the stellar hikes, guests love to share their experiences. Check out these rave reviews below. Sounds like the trip, the guides and the food were top notch!

"The office staff did a superb job of making the reservations, suggesting various options that might best fit my needs.

The office staff did an excellent of setting up logistics. They reminded us several times by email of deadlines and packing suggestions, making sure that the trip would be enjoyable. They also provided shuttle options that proved to be very helpful.

This was the best part of the whole trip. Our boatmen and swamper were fantastic. Not only did they manage the boats, gear and people well, they were amazing guides. Our leader, JP, knows and shares the many stories of the canyon. Geology, the history of the river runners, the natural history, the archeology, you name it, he’s able to give it. What a great resource. Kelly and Scott were also well versed and anxious to share. This Hatch Rive r Expeditions trip is one of the all-time best. Everyone who visits the Canyon should have this adventure. They also did a great job with orientation and on-the-river logistics. Everything went very smoothly."

~Paul C of Arizona, April 11 Upper Canyon Hiking Focused

"This was our second year in a row. Upper half last year, lower half this. Plan on coming back again neck year! OMG, we’re turning in to Hatch groupies!"

~Patrick N. of Arizona, April 16 Lower Canyon Hiking Focused

"I have told everyone that I would go again today if my bags were packed!"

~Jeff D. of Texas, April 16 Lower Canyon Hiking Focused

"My best experience on the river: riding the side-tubes in Hermit and Granit. My best experience hiking: Thunder River! and the Stone Creek hike and the National Canyon Slot Canyon climb and Saddle Canyon hike with pool wading and… Best fun splashes: Little Colorado life-vest-diaper ride 😉 Best cooking experience: EVERYTHING :-) "

~Andreas B. of Germany, April 11 Full Canyon Hiking Focused

"Any request was met with “No Problem”. Very friendly staff.

I cannot say enough good things about our guides. They were friendly, respectful, helpful and made me feel safe. They were the best cooks and it amazed me how efficient they were."

~Joyce H. of Arizona, April 16 Lower Canyon Hiking Focused

We love hearing about guests Grand Canyon white water trips and can’t wait to share more of what guests are saying about their adventures!

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