There’s no doubt that a Grand Canyon white water rafting vacation is among the best one can take. But, we’re humbled when we hear from our guests that what really made their trip was coming with Hatch. From being impressed with the company to connecting to our guides, the lovely comments our August and September guests shared with us helped us finish out the season on just the right note.

About Hatch:

I rarely give top marks to anything as there is always room for improvement. But your trip is a well oiled machine, in an awesome environment, and you show it off to the nth degree. Thanks. I have been recommending the trip to anyone who will listen. – Airlie B. Sept 15 Upper Canyon Oar

Absolutely incredible. We were astounded by the ‘Mary Poppins’ boats and what appeared when needed – from awnings to birthday candles we were equipped. – Bruce S. Sept 15 Fully Canyon Oar

We ran into several other companies along the way…one cannot help but compare. Each time, I felt like I was with the best of ’em. – Joann K. Sept 13 Full Canyon Motorized

Trip of a lifetime – would definitely do again. Met lots of wonderful people and was truly a team building experience. This is the ONLY way to truly appreciate the beauty of the Grand Canyon and the Hatch boats/crew are truly the best in the business. – William S. Sept 13 Full Canyon Motorized

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About our guides:

Kelly Wagner and Ashley were meant to be our guides…I give them 5 billion star ratings in our 5 billion star hotel. They reached out when I hiked with both hips replaced….did not stop me from fulfilling my dream….sooooo much fun with big hearts…they are the best – Kelly W. Sept 2 Full Canyon Motorized

Rachel was extraordinary. Good natures, knowledgeable, expert boat captain,very kind when my wife couldn’t complete a hike. Took superb care of us. Likewise Spenser was great. Good humored , great cook, very attentive to hygiene, supportive and helpful and careful on our hikes. Highest praise for both of them! – Richard L. Aug 8 Full Canyon Motorized

I am 68 and a seasoned traveler. This was the best management of a trip in my life. Dave, Shawn, Chelsea, Travis, Leonard were absolutely fab. They were sooooo!! Great. I will remember each of them for the rest of my life. You have a wonderful staff.
A trip of a lifetimed Everything was so well organized, from the pre-planning lists to the room bookings, shuttle transport and helicopter/flight return. We are so glad we chose Hatch for the experience and are convinced you have the best food and employees ever! – Ronald F. Aug 4 Full Canyon Oar

Great touch for Steve Hatch to meet us personally on day 1. From the time we arrived at Cliff Dwellers to the time we flew out from Bar 10, the service was fantastic. Special kudos to Tanner, Jamie and Spencer. While they busted their tails performing their jobs, they also did an unbelievable job “fitting in” with the group. By the end of the week I was as sad to part ways with them as I was with people I have known for 15+ years. When (not if) I return for a follow up trip I will be requesting them by name (and hope they still work there)! – Alex B. Aug 30 Full Canyon Motorized

In Short:

Food was amazing. Hikes were spectacular. Raft was incredible. Guides were top notch. Most excellent adventure – Mary W. Aug 30 Full Canyon Motorized

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