How big are the rapids?

  • Colorado River through Grand Canyon is rated differently from most rivers in that it is rated 1-10. Some rapids are very small like House Rock Rapid but others are large like the notorious Lava Falls. Check out our detailed blog about river rating here our our Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafting Resources Page

What types of rafts are used?

  • That depends if you book a Motorized or Oar Powered Expedition. Our motor rigs are over 35’ in length and 16’ wide. They are exceptionally capable craft suited for all water levels and conditions experienced in Grand Canyon. They are stealthily powered by 30-horsepower, four-stroke motors that meet the EPA’s stringent emissions standards. Even better, they are so quiet that most of the time you don’t hear them. If you book an oar trip you will be traveling in our self-bailing oar-powered rafts of tough hypalon rubber. They have specialized frames and are 18’ long and 8’ wide – perfect for up to five guests and a guide rowing, plus all the fun and thrills the Canyon can dish out. A typical oar trip includes five boats.

hatch rafting oar rig

Oar Rig

hatch motorized rig

Motor Rig

How safe is river rafting through Grand Canyon?

  • Statistically, it is very safe. Every trip comes with some risks and we find the most common injury is stubbing a toe or scraping a knee. Our guides go through extensive training and are absolute professionals in both river rafting as well as backcountry safety. If you have any questions, contact us to send you a risk form which discusses this topic in more detail.

What is your favorite time of year on the river?

  • That can really depend on what a guest is looking for. If you are looking to avoid the hot summer months, consider April, May or September. June is by far the most popular time of the year and books up very early. July and August are during monsoon season which can bring afternoon thunderstorms and the river is often muddy. The storms are great, though, because they can cool off a warm afternoon. Also, these months can be perfect for families with kids in school. Below is a chart listing averages in the canyon:

Average Weather in Grand Canyon

Average Weather in Grand Canyon

What is a typical day like?

  • We start our days early on the river with coffee call around 6 AM. Our guides will provide you with a hot breakfast that may include pancakes, bacon and eggs cooked to order. Then we pack up camp and load the boats for a day of adventure. You might start with a few rapids or a leisurely float to your next destination. There are usually 2-3 stops throughout the day to hike to an ancient ruin, splash in a turquoise river or hike up to a pristine waterfall. We always stop for lunch in the early afternoon and set up a picnic style lunch including such things as sandwiches, chips and cookies. There are likely more thrilling rapids in the afternoon before you pull into camp between 3-5 PM. After the group unloads the boats, feel free to set up camp, relax or play as the guides whip up some tasty appetizers and then on to dinner. Dinners can range from deliciously grilled steaks, an Italian feast or even a Mexican fiesta! We won’t forget about your favorite part, though, as dessert is a highlight for many. Look for Dutch oven cakes and brownies to top off your day. After your belly is full it is off to bed to rest up for another full day of excitement.

hatch gourmet meals

Gourmet Meals on Colorado River

grand canyon salad

Delicious Salad in Grand Canyon

What do you provide in terms of camping equipment?

  • Your experience with Hatch River Expeditions will be pretty all inclusive. All camping gear is provided for you including a designated sleep kit for each guest. This will include a ground cloth, vinyl foam sleeping pad, sleeping bag and standard size pillow. We also provide a 3 person tent per two guests though many decide to sleep under the stars instead.

grand canyon campsite

Campsite Setup on Rafting Expedition

Hopefully this answers some of the basic questions. If your whitewater rafting questions were not answered here, please contact our office staff and they would be more than happy to assist you.

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