July brought more great reviews for the Grand Canyon, Hatch guides and staff, and the overall Colorado River Rafting experience. One thing that came up over and over again in this month’s reviews was a particular affinity for Hatch as a company and as a group of people who really care about our guests.

I’ve had 3 river trips with Hatch since 2001…each one a magnitude better than the last. You guys are GREAT! Thanks for the memories. Ned R. July 15 Full Canyon Motorized

Can’t say enough good things about Tanner, Lena and Christa! They were amazing! Even the guys at the warehouse were so friendly to talk to when we returned to Cliff Dwellers after our trip. It’s obvious that everyone who works at Hatch loves what they do. – Dan H. July 18 Full Canyon Motorized

I really thought 7 days would be too long, but it wasn’t long enough. When I tell people about our trip, I include “Hatch” is the key to having an amazing time when rafting the canyon. We will be one of those return customers! – Jody M. July 4 Full Canyon Motorized

We are recommending Hatch to everyone who will listen. – Barrie H July 25 Full Canyon Motorized

Talk about being treated well – this company handles it all from start to finish and is worth every penny. Hats off to Hatch and the people you employ – you do it right! – Teri H July 25 Full Canyon Motorized

Grand Canyon - Hatch River Expeditions - Reviews

Speaking of the people Hatch employs, here are some of the great things we heard about them in July:

Katy and Magnolia were both incredibly helpful. I booked the week before the trip – they were great about helping me through my info gathering and decision process. Also, they held my spot overnight for me so I had a night to sleep on my decision – way helpful! – Anthony E. July 18 Full Canyon Motorized

Rachel, Dom, and Spencer were absolutely outstanding!! They went above and beyond in many ways, always keeping calm and graceful in challenging situations, such as when one of our veterans needed to be medivac’ed out. They were kind, extremely knowledgeable and competent, and outright beautiful people who made the trip an incredible experience. – Denise M July 28 Full Canyon Motorized

Ray Pope and Spencer Mann were wonderful and helped to make this trip Magical, this will be a yearly trip for me in the future. I am going to request having Ray Pope as my guide for the trip next summer. – Sara L July 19 Full Canyon Motorized

We can’t say enough good things about our guides – Scott, Kelly and Zack. They were a great team together and each one was very knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and skilled. They were relaxed, but at the same time very responsible. We were very impressed. They made sure everyone knew the important rules for safety, but also allowed people to do a lot of exploring on their own…just the right balance. Food was amazing. – Chris E June 28 Full Canyon Motorized

Park, Tanner and Lena made our trip! Park did an amazing job with letting the working generation let down their hair, but also being respectful of the retirees. My 10 yr old daughter has said she is saving her money to go again, but doesn’t want to go unless we have the same guides and Park is on her boat. The quote in the brochure that said “the Canyon is Grand but the guides make it great” couldn’t be more accurate. – Jody M July 4 Full Canyon Motorized

And, as always, the Canyon did not disappoint.

I was humbled by the amazing creation of the canyon that we were floating through. Thanks so much! – Jon S July 29 Full Canyon Motorized

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