In today’s “Guide Spotlight” you’ll learn about one of Hatch’s newer guides, Carlos A.

Years working in the outdoor industry: 6 years

Trips in Grand Canyon: Just shy of ten times.

Trips for Hatch: Same

What got you into the outdoors?
Part of my family is from Northern Spain, where as kids we'd play hide and seek among the fishing boats, and I'd come home and draw up plans for the boat I'd build one day. Still no boat. Too much maintenance. I've been driving other people's boats since 2015, when I started river guiding in Wisconsin. First time down the Colorado was with a few friends in 2017, and I fell in love - hard.

What is your favorite Grand Canyon fact or story to share with guests?
The Colorado River through Grand Canyon is, on average, about 40 feet deep.

Do you have a favorite moment from your trips you can tell us about?
Last year I worked a trip where we were joined by a man without the use of his legs. Seeing all the guests - many of whom met on the trip - come together to help lift, float, and piggyback him to some of the more hard to access spots along the river embodied the spirit of camaraderie and support that an expedition like what we offer here can impart on its participants. I truly cherish the opportunity to be able to share this place with people every year.

How do you stay busy in the off season?
I love to visit other rivers, ski, and sail. This past winter I worked at a friend’s mechanic shop building camper vans.

What would you say to someone who is considering planning a trip, but on the fence?
Before I started river guiding, I had no idea what lay at the bottom of Grand Canyon. I’d seen the view from the rim. Give it a look, you will see an astounding view. But give it your time; Grand Canyon will spoil you. With its views, with its whitewater, with the rich boating history and the storied characters and ancient people that have made their marks here. Sometimes peaceful, sometimes roaring - the river will be a force to revel in as we float on its waters. Of the rivers I've worked and seen, if you could only see one - this is the one I'd implore you to travel.

Anything else you want to share?
The more time you can afford to spend on the river, the deeper you fall into its routines. Any amount of time here is special - but if you can swing a long trip - I recommend it.

Learn more about Carlos and our other guides on our website.

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