August 5th, 2021Guide Spotlight: Jamie T

Welcome back to our “Guide Spotlight” series, where we help you get to know the best guides in the Grand Canyon just a little better. Today’s spotlight will be on Jamie T., a seasoned Grand Canyon rafter and Hatch guide.

Years working in the outdoor industry: 19 - I started working in Grand Canyon in 2002.

Trips in Grand Canyon: I have rafted though over 150 times.

Trips for Hatch: 30

What got you into the outdoors?
I have spent a lot of time in the outdoors hunting and fishing since I was young.

What is your favorite Grand Canyon fact or story to share with guests?
I enjoy talking about people in the canyon. The explorers, miners, and especially the native people who have a cultural affiliation with the Grand Canyon.

Do you have a favorite place in Grand Canyon?
I treat all of Grand Canyon as sacred, the whole place is my favorite. But if I had to choose one spot it would be the confluence with the Little Colorado River. The Little Colorado has turquoise colored water that is begging you to get in and swim/wade around in. Everyone is usually in awe of how beautiful it is and no matter their age, get in the water, splash and swim, there is even a rapid to swim. Afterwards everyone looks at least 10 years younger and are all smiles.

What would you say to someone who is considering planning a trip, but on the fence?
Not a lot of people get an opportunity to raft though one of the seven natural wonders of the world, you won’t regret it. We take people who have never even camped before all the time, and the guides will be there to make sure you are healthy, happy, and comfortable. I would say if you are unsure- give us a call, we can answer any questions or concerns.

Anything else you want to share?
I want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to experience a world class adventure with you. It is our guests who make the trip, so if you want to have fun in a place with unparalleled beauty we would be honored to share and show it off, thanks!

Learn more about Jamie and our other guides on our website.

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