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Around the holidays, it’s easy to curl up around the fire and think of all great things that the year has provided. Here at Hatch Expeditions, things seem a bit quiet in the workplace. Guests have long since departed their river trips for the 2014 season. Guides have up ventured on various other endeavors for the winter season. Some office and warehouse staff remains through the winter but really this time period is nothing like the bustle and hubbub of summertime months.

It’s at times like these when it’s easy to sit back and think of all the things to be grateful for. This business is unique in that we sell a fun and unique product – an adventure vacation. Being so, the employees at Hatch tend to be unique and interesting personalities. For that we are grateful because we have the opportunity to build the family atmosphere around like minded adventurers. They say that good friends are hard to find – well here at Hatch we are surrounded. Hatch is more than thankful this extraordinary crew that works so hard to provide wonderful experiences for our guests.

Reflecting back on the season, it is also easy to be appreciative of the amazing guests that become a part of this family. Whether it’s the relationships built with the guest over the phone that in turn sends a Christmas card or the communications built on the raft where contact via email endures between guide and guest, these guests are the best. Though it might seem cheesy to say so, Hatch believes that our passengers are some of the best out there. Everyone booking on a trip is looking for some sort of adventure. Grand Canyon can create bonds and linkages like nothing else. Sometimes it’s a shared passion for this place in need of protection now more than ever. Sometimes it’s a friendship created through rapids or over appetizers. Whatever the interaction between guides and guests, these bonds and memories often last a lifetime.

The Grand Canyon also has to be one of the most appreciated places on the planet by millions of people. This place of serenity and of history, of excitement and joy provides happiness for many who venture here every year. Hatch Expeditions is thankful for this everlasting wilderness. Having the opportunity to share this vast expanse with people from around the globe provides the utmost satisfaction. The flowing waters of the Colorado River have given so much to humanity throughout the years whether it is sustenance or solitude.

Hatch looks toward 2015 with great anticipation. It’ll only be a few months until river season picks up again. A whole new year of possibilities waits including new adventures and new friendships. This year has been one of the best yet and we plan on making next year even better. As Walt Disney once said, "Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious…and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." Ain’t that just what it’s all about? 2015 here we come!

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