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Below sits a non-conclusive list of some of the reasons that Hatch Expeditions literally loves living in Arizona. People flock to Arizona from around the nation – especially this Super Bowl weekend. Guests come to visit or to live. When speaking with a group of locals, it’s not hard to realize that many inhabitants are transplants from other areas whether for the weather of the landscape. Still considered the Wild West by some, Arizona has some of the coolest scenery and wildlife in the nation. See some fun Arizona facts below that prove why Hatch loves it here.

  • AZ is called the Grand Canyon State and thus obviously has the Grand Canyon right outside our back door. Literally, the Canyon is only about 40 miles from where the office is located as the crow flies. Hatch loves having some of the most beautiful scenery in the world is located in Arizona and we’ll be the first to tell you just how much we love it.
  • Beyond that, there are a plethora of other national parks, national monuments, national forests and state parks to help stimulate the mind.
  • Arizonans are within a one day’s drive of the beach, desert, mountains and even planes. Arizona is seriously so beautifully situation in the proximity to everything.
  • The state mammal is a ring-tail cat. It’s not actually a cat at all but closer to a raccoon. These little guys are stealthy little sleuths that can have a little party outside the tents of innocent campers and nobody would be the wiser.
  • The state flower actually comes from a cactus. The infamous saguaro cactus flower to be exact. These beauties usually bloom from April to June and are a stark contrast to the desert in which they live. Random fact but these cacti often live over one hundred years. Wowza!
  • The official state NECK-WEAR is the bola tie. You know those decorative leather cords with ornamental slides. Like the legit cowboy neckwear.
  • The Grand Canyon State was actually only the forty-eighth state to join the union. It was admitted in 1912. The only two to follow were Alaska and Hawaii. Talk about a legit Wild West history. It has only been 103 years since it was a territory.
  • The Mexican food in this state is off the charts. Talk about authentic spices and soul food.
  • Almost one quarter of the state is covered in forest. This is the largest unbroken Ponderosa Pine forest in the world.
  • The four corners is the only place where four states come together and share a border – or corner in this instance.

Consider this the first in an ever growing list of why Hatch Expeditions finds Arizona so fascination. With so much to do and see, guests will continue to flock to this beautiful state for years to come.

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