Hatch River Expeditions is always looking for ways we can make our operations better and more efficient. From researching more efficient motors to recycling to using recycled ink cartridges and paper, we do what we can to ensure we’re using fewer natural resources.

One change we made in 2015 was a lighting overhaul at the Hatch warehouse. Our Marble Canyon warehouse used to be lit throughout with florescent bulbs. During this year’s off season, though, we upgraded to LEDs at a cost of about $12,000 to the company.

This overhaul of lighting will make sure that we save energy and become another item on the list of ways we’re doing what we can to be good environmental stewards.

Among the advantages of our new LEDs lights are:

No Mercury!
Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury and therefore have to be disposed of carefully when they burn out. LEDs, though, are environmentally friendly and do not require additional processing when they go out.

Energy Efficient!
A T8 LED is about 30% more efficient than a T8 Linear Fluorescent bulb.

No Wasted Light!
While fluorescent bulbs direct light all the way around, including into the fixture, LEDs direct their light only into the room, so there’s less waste.

When the new season starts up, you can stop by the retail store in our warehouse before your trip and check out the brand new lights while you’re there!

Hatch Has a Bright New Work Space That’s Good for the Environment was last modified: December 23rd, 2015 by Jessica Clark

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