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Over the past few months, Hatch River Expeditions employees have been diligently working to put together an online store for our guests. Over the past few years, there has been a growing demand for Hatch retail items. Hatch, admittedly, has a pretty cool logo and of course we all love orange.

Last month, the store became live on the Hatch website with a plethora of items available for purchase. More items continue to flow in and the store is always growing and changing with new additions. By the way, Hatch always appreciates guest input as to what items to carry in this store.

For guests traveling with Hatch in the upcoming year, there is some pretty great river gear to check out. Some wonderful pieces include long sleeve, quick dry Columbia shirts. These are definitely a must have on any river trip considering that they cover the skin wonderfully and can be dunked and put back on to help with evaporative cooling. Another fun and practical article is the rain gear. A requirement on any river trip, rain gear helps keep guests from getting too many splashes directly to the skin. The packing list recommends both pants and a jacket and Hatch happens to sell both. This season expect to see another great addition of an NRS paddle jacket that can be used in place of the rain jacket.

Two fantastic books to read either before or while on the river can be found in the store as well. The River Map and Guide by Larry Stevens and Riverman: The Story of Bus Hatch by Roy Webb gives an interesting perspective about the Colorado River. Legends have been created here so learn about them and feel more in tune with the history of the Canyon.

Guides and guests alike love the cotton clothing including t-shirts and long sleeve shirts alike. What better memory throughout the year of that exciting rafting trip than a Hatch logo on a t-shirt. Talk about a conversation starter. Had Dad ever worn the same hat year after year? Our guests do the same. We have had more than one previous guest in need of a replacement because a loss. One guest lost theirs on a ride at a theme park and one overused the hat on a trip to Switzerland and needed a fresh one.

As was mentioned above, this online store is a relatively new endeavor so any feedback and advice as to what to carry is always helpful for us here at Hatch River Expeditions. Check out the store here.

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