If you’re on an Upper Canyon or Lower Canyon trip with Hatch, you are well aware that the Bright Angel Trail hike into or out of the Grand Canyon is long, strenuous, and MANDATORY.

For this reason, many guests who book this style of trip with Hatch choose to lighten their loads by using our UPS duffel service. It works like this:

If you’re on an UPPER CANYON trip, you’ll pack your gear as recommended and bring it all to Marble Canyon with you. You’ll also make sure to label it clearly (using something like a plastic luggage tag) with your name, address, and phone number. When you depart for your hike, your duffel bag and all the gear you don’t need right away will finish out the lower portion of the trip and eventually make it back to our Flagstaff office. Once there, we will ship it back to your house. The only charge is the UPS shipping costs!

If you’re on a LOWER CANYON trip, you’ll ship your duffel bag (clearly marked with your name and trip date) to our warehouse so that it arrives AT LEAST 4 business days (though a week or more is better) in advance of the LAUNCH DATE of your trip. Keep in mind that your trip’s launch date is the day the boats leave Lees Ferry to complete the Upper Canyon portion of the journey, so it will be several days before your hike-in date.

*If you’re booked on this style of trip, your Activity Manager includes the appropriate UPS duffel form with instructions for using this service.

Check our “Journey of a Duffel Bag” graphic for a more clear picture of your duffel bag’s adventure in the canyon!

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