Many guests set out in search of majestic waterfalls while traveling along the Colorado River. The inner kid comes out and splashing and playing in the downpour becomes addicting. What is it about water streaming down into an exquisite pool below that lures travelers of all sorts to these places? Grand Canyon white water rafting trips provide excitement throughout but nothing compares to a good ol’ waterfall.

Not every falls will be visited due to timing and weather conditions. Guides make the decisions based on conditions but generally at least one will be a part of the trip. The Lower Canyon contains the majority of waterfalls. If there is something in particular of interest, let the guide know at the beginning of the trip and they do their best to make it a stop if at all possible. See below a list of falls that might be seen on Grand Canyon white water rafting trips.

  • Vasey’s Paradise – As this falls directly out of the Canyon walls and is surrounded by poison oak, no swimming here but it’s the perfect sight for a photo.
  • Horizontal Waterfall at Clear Creek – This is about a 1/3 mile hike up Clear Creek
  • Shinumo Creek – hike up the creek to see this pounding waterfall
  • Elves Chasm – A steeper hike leads up to this splendid waterfall and pool below. If the pool is deep enough, guides might allow a jump into the pool below!
  • Stone Creek – Sometimes guests might get the chance to camp near Stone Creek and have a nice shower before dinnertime.
  • Thunder River – Generally only seen on Hiking Focused Trips but magnificent nonetheless.
  • Deer Creek Falls – A popular stop on any trip guests have the option of relaxing near Deer Creek Falls or hiking up to "the Patio" above.
  • Falls Along Havasu Creek – Due to the nature of the trip guests will not get the chance to hike the 5+ miles up to famed Havasu Falls but relaxing in the falls near the confluence near the Colorado River provides ample excitement in the (most of the time) turquoise waters.

We Love Waterfalls on Grand Canyon White Water Rafting Trips was last modified: July 22nd, 2015 by Katy Nelson (Photo Courtesy of Blake Clark)

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