One of the most frequent questions asked when booking a whitewater rafting trip with Hatch is “What’s the food like?” It’s amazing! Don’t just take our word for it, though. Check out recent posts on our Facebook wall and another blog about what goes on in the food warehouse before a trip and what is served on the Colorado River.

Robert Rosen shared some Colorado River food photos. He and his family were on a motorized white water trip summer 2010. Their river guides were JP and Sara.

Geoff Buck also sent us a few photos from his motorized trip this summer. Celebrating a birthday on the river? We can handle that in whitewater style!

beef on river trip food

RR: let us know if you’re a vegetarian!

Delicious Salad in Grand Canyon

Delicious Salad in Grand Canyon

raft trip food

RR: riverside lunch stack

dinner on white water rafting trip

Did we mention that the food is AMAZING?

Gourmet Meals on Colorado River

Gourmet Meals on Colorado River

lunch on the colorado river in the grand canyon

unless it’s lunch and they’re cold and fresh

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