Tomorrow, November 17th, is National Take a Hike Day, which makes it not only the perfect day to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors, but also to plan ahead. Did you know Hatch still has space on an Upper Canyon Hiking Focused trip for 2016?

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Pool at the end of North Canyon (Photo Credit: Andreas Bornmann)

There is nothing like getting to explore the depths of the Grand Canyon from the river—except maybe by hiking up its numerous side canyons and discovering its hidden gems. While all Grand Canyon expeditions with Hatch include hikes and side canyon exploration, on our Hiking Focused trips, we take extra time so that you can see the best of the best of what you can get to from the river.

Here are some of the places you’ll explore on a Hiking Focused trip:

North Canyon – Hike up through the Supai formation. Pass through incredible layered rock formations. Relax by a small reflective pool.

South Canyon – Hike up near Vasey’s Paradise and Stanton’s cave, all the way to the caves at the base of the cliff if there’s time.

Eminence Break – Just after navigating President Harding Rapid in the middle of a deeply entrenched river meander, hit the trail and hike all the way to the top of the Redwall Limestone.

Saddle Canyon – Make it through this shady canyon and you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful waterfall cascading down red layers of rock.

Nankoweap Granaries – Climb the up the talus slope near Nankoweap Rapid straight up to a set of ancient granaries embedded in the cliff side. Careful—don’t lean on the granaries; they are thousands of years old!

Carbon Creek – Hike up a canyon past striking, shelf-like rock formations to Lava Canyon Loop.

Tabernacle Peak – This hike, when completed to the summit gains 2,200 feet in elevation. If you make it, stand atop Tabernacle Butte and enjoy the view!

Bright Angel Trail – Your river journey over, you still have one last hike to complete. Hiking up Bright Angel, you’ll gain more than 4,000 feet in elevation over more than 9 miles. Stop every now and then rest your muscles and lungs, and take stock of how far you’ve come and how small the river seems from the top.

And don’t forget to take a hike in your own neck of the woods this Tuesday!

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