Save the Colorado details the myriad of threats to the Colorado River, among them: climate change, population growth, dams and diversions, species extinction, mineral resources, and invasive species. Did you know that the Colorado River is completely drained by the time it reaches it’s one-time delta at the Sea of Cortez?

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Hatch guides David Kasinski and Scott Perry are in a new book about Colorado River – The Colorado River Flowing Through Conflict by Pete McBride and Johnathan Waterman [affiliate link; all earnings are donated to The Whale Foundation]. was a Hatch River guest while taking some of the photos for the book. Check out their Facebook page for a look at some of the book photos. Amazing.

Take Action to Restore and Preserve the Colorado River
Look to the groups funded by

Glen Canyon Institute in SLC, Utah for its "Fill Lake Mead First" project, an innovative effort to address the dwindling water levels in both Lake Powell and Lake Mead. The effort may also provide more stable water supplies to Nevada, Arizona, and Southern California.

– At the bottom of the basin, the Fund supported an effort by San Diego Coastkeeper to recycle waste water and turn it into city drinking water. The water recycling effort, called "Indirect Potable Reuse," could help
decrease the demand for Colorado River water by the City of San Diego.

– At the top of the basin, the Fund donated to the Colorado Environmental Coalition out of Denver – which includes partner efforts with Trout Unlimited and Western Resource Advocates – addresses the threat of new dams and reservoirs.

American Whitewater Association out of North Carolina Protects stream flows, and thus boating opportunities, in the Upper Colorado River.

Grand Canyon Trust in Flagstaff, AZ protects the Colorado River flowing through one of America’s crown jewels, Grand Canyon National Park.

Citizens for Dixie’s Future in Utah addresses the threat of the Lake Powell Pipeline which will drain even more water from the Colorado River.

Sheep Mountain Alliance in Colorado protects stream flows and water rights on a tributary of the Colorado River.

Sonoran Institute of Tucson, AZ works to create an instream flow program for the Colorado River Delta.

Earthjustice is an environmental law firm in Denver that works to protect river flows throughout the basin.

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