When packing for a Grand Canyon Colorado River trip, you’ve got to think about weight. We recommend you lay things out so that you can make sure that you’re bringing the bare minimum.

The weight limit in the aircraft is 25 pounds per person. This includes your beverages and your own sleeping gear if you are flying them into Marble Canyon. We’ve reviewed what to pack: rain gear, skin protection, good water sandals, sun glasses, sun hat and synthetic or wool fiber clothing.

Upper or Lower River trips mean that you’ll be hiking in our out via the Bright Angel Trail.
The less weight you carry in your pack will make your hike easier and more enjoyable.

If you are hiking in, you are welcome to ship your gear to us 2 weeks prior to your hike in and we will have it on the boat waiting for you at the boat beach.

If you are hiking out, consider packing clothing you may be willing to leave behind with a river guide, so you don’t have to take it out with you.

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