I love to paint whenever I travel. It is my form of journaling. I rafted thru the Grand Canyon on an independent trip 20 years ago. My friends, who introduced me to rafting, have gone down the Grand many times on private trips. Their first time was for their 25th wedding anniversary, 25 years ago, hence, this trip for their 50th wedding anniversary. With the average age now around 70, we opted for the luxury of a Hatch trip. We had 17 people, all friends of our anniversary couple, 5 boats with 5 wonderful boat captains to spoil us, beautiful weather, spectacular scenery, lots of hiking and rock scrambling; a perfect way to spend two weeks at the end of September. For me it was special as four days after coming off the river I was scheduled to have my knee replaced (it’s doing great). I did all the rock scrambling and hiking, the boatmen were always there to give me a hand when the rock scrambling was tough and I feel I totally wore my knee out before getting the new one.

The best part was painting. There isn’t much time for painting when one is busy with so many activities but I tried to find a half hour each day somewhere to catch an impression. It made it fun for everyone as they all came to see what I did and each day my paintings, besides just being memories, got better. I painted some of the exact scenes I had painted before which was really special. Painting gives one the opportunity to spend more time really looking at a scene. In Havasu the perfect spot required me to stand for 45 minutes, and one of my companions stood loyally beside me holding my palette and water the whole time. He enjoyed watching the painting unfold and I enjoyed sharing it with him.

The Grand Canyon experience is a small family. I had one of my painting students on my trip. When I was sitting at Nankoweep, a girl from another boat group came up to see what I was painting and it turned out she had been one of my students a few years before! It’s a great way to meet people as everyone loves to see what is being painted and it’s fun to share.

Now that I am home, many of the memories are jumbled together, but each place I painted is firmly in my memory, complete with people, conversation, hike, lunch menu, weather and how tired but happy I was.

Below are some of the watercolors created during my trip with Hatch. I also have an online portfolio.

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