The thought of needing rain gear in the desert depths of Grand Canyon often confuses our guests. In fact, rain gear is perhaps the second most important item on a white water packing list – behind sunscreen. This can be a bit counter intuitive considering that the average Grand Canyon summer high temperature ranges from 92-106 degrees. The most important use for the rain gear is actually protection from cold splashes in the epic rapids of the Colorado River.

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Water in the Colorado River and throughout Grand Canyon is released from the bottom of Glen Canyon Dam. This means that water temperatures in the main channel average around 50 degrees year-round. Though in the heat of the day, the cold splashes help balance the warm weather, most guest find that at some point during their trip, that they need protection from splashes through some rapids.

We recommend purchasing a relatively good set of rain gear for your Grand Canyon raft trip. This means a two piece set, including both pants and a jacket. It is great when both the ankles and wrists can fit snugly with either Velcro or elastic. Also, make sure that the jacket has a hood that tightens snugly around the face and/or neck. We are currently selling Columbia rain gear for both men and women if you are interested.

You will likely be wearing the rain gear over whatever clothing you choose that day, so make sure it is not too snug, and fits comfortably. Also note that the rain gear must be worn underneath your personal flotation device that the crew will provide for you.

There is also the possibility that rain gear will actually be used when it does rain, particularly during Arizona’s Monsoon Season. Either way, try to avoid incredibly heavy or one piece rain suits so that can increase body temperature too much. Also stay away from ponchos. Our crew finds that they don’t provide adequate protection and often fall apart quickly to become trash that the Canyon doesn’t need.

Remember that our packing lists are a guide meant to assist in the packing process. If we put an item on our packing list (not necessarily the optional items) it means that our guides and clients have provided feedback that it should be there and that it will enhance your fun and exciting experience.

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