Hatch River Expeditions has been in the industry for a long time. Like three generations long. This year was the 80th year rafting in Grand Canyon. From Bus Hatch to Ted Hatch and on to Steve Hatch, Hatch has been providing memories to last a lifetime for generations. In years past, Hatch River Expeditions operated on not only the Grand Canyon but also in Dinosaur National Monument, Cataract Canyon and the Salmon River. Now, of course, Hatch chooses to focus solely on the Grand Canyon and provide the ultimate adventure vacation on the Colorado River.

Though much has changed in the industry, guest preferences for retail items have not. Check out these awesome post cards and bumper stickers from years past. While rifling through the back closet at the Hatch River Expeditions office in Flagstaff, AZ, these fun and retro souvenirs were discovered. The bumper sticker shows that guests wanted to share that they embarked on this amazing experience in a time before "sharing" "liking" or "tweeting". The post cards do not hail from the Grand, alas, but show Hatch history at its finest on other great rivers. By the way, a plethora of retro hats also found their way to the office along with an abundance of pencils. Like real, have to use a pencil sharpener, pencils. Unfortunately they have the old Hatch contact information from Utah.

Hatch River Expeditions

The best part about these retro finds is that guests and guides alike love things inspired from years past. Anything that looks like it might be from the 1980s or earlier is a hot ticket item. In fact, some ordering decisions for Hatch River Expeditions gear every year are inspired by this idea. The best part is that Hatch actually existed in the mid-20th century and has the history to show it. Some say that these decades were at the height of river rafting history when pioneers were made and brands created. These mementos are greatly appreciated as it allows the opportunity for us to reminisce with those of a different time and era.

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