June is a busy month for Hatch, and that was reflected in the sheer number of reviews we received. We almost always receive positive comments about

the friendliness and knowledgeability of our guides
JP, Lars, and Leonard were amazing. They made the trip absolutely incredible. They were a credit to your company and to their profession. As a business owner myself in the transportation industry, I can only hope my staff is half as good as your team is. I will absolutely be back and will refer Hatch to others. Michael R June 15 Full Canyon Motorized

the helpfulness of our office staff
Katy and Magnolia were superb. They handled every question we threw at them with intelligence and good humor. And there were lots of questions. Pat V. June 24 Full Canyon Motorized,

and the overall quality of our trips
You guys are THE BEST! I have passed on Hatch info to all my buddies who say: “Oh! Yes! I want to do that!” Phil H. June 14 Full Canyon Motorized

The trip exceeded my expectations! The beauty of the river and the Canyon was amazing… those who only see it from the top have no idea what they are missing! Gary L June 9 Full Canyon Motorized,

but this month’s reviews showed another trend: Family

In June, many of our guests didn’t just go on amazing Arizona raft adventures, they shared them with their families, building memories that will last not just for one lifetime, but in some cases the lifetimes of many generations to come.

This trip was in the thinking stage for 32 years, and the planning stage for 3 years, and active planning for the last 14 months. You helped us make it happen and secure a legacy that will continue for generations. Special. Thank you. Pat V. June 24 Full Canyon Motorized

Phenomenal experience. Far exceeded my expectations. The week long 180+ mile trip was an amazing and very full adventure for our family. Paul T. June 24 Full Canyon Motorized

We can’t thank you enough for the great family experiences. Suzy H. June 28 Full Canyon Motorized

I am writing to than all of you at Hatch for the success of our marvelous trip, just completed. The unique grandeur of the Canyon was beautifully complemented by the support, preparation, knowledge and good humor of Lars, Sean and Nate. It was an experience for a lifetime for all of us, giving our children and our friends the same life long memories created for Bob, Pat, Dan, Jenny and me in 1983…

Far beyond any expectations, [Lars] created experiences and moments of wonder and delight for all of us, especially for the children. His interactions with the children were truly remarkable. My son-in-law Travis in behalf of all of us, with Lars particularly in mind, commented on how smoothly all the transitions occurred, moving between excursions and securing campsites, how he showed his mastery of the craft by making it all look effortless, indeed how every aspect of the trip was carried out with perfection. Tom V. June 26 Full Canyon Motorized

Dear Hatch Team – but especially Lars, Sean, Nate, Katy and Magnolia – you made it happen with so much apparent ease and skill, attention to detail, and thoughtful preparation.

We hope that we have created a legacy that all of our subsequent children and grandchildren will get to enjoy and experience what we had this last week. Pat V. June 26 Full Canyon Motorized

Arizona raft adventures

And perhaps the most touching:

Rachel was friendly, good with the cooking, knowledgeable, good with the boat and a super all around guide. Janelle probably made the trip for our grandchildren. She was patient, willing to let them be helpful, entertaining, funny, a good role model, willing to correct when necessary and an all-around good person.

I appreciated the times Janelle sang. We were grieving the loss of our son-in-law who wanted to take this trip so much and the songs Janelle sang were comforting as well as beautiful. Ann H. June 27 Full Canyon Motorized

The amazing experience of rafting in the Grand Canyon, can only be made more amazing by sharing it with those you love.

By Jessica Clark

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