River Rats: Four Types of People You’ll Meet on Hatch Expeditions

Like any travel destination, the Grand Canyon has numerous appeals that draw visitors from around the world. History buffs can learn about the Canyon’s earliest Native American inhabitants and expeditions dating all the way back to Powell’s 1869 exploration. Scientists and naturalists alike will marvel at the all that the Canyon and River have to offer from, rock walls to wildlife to weather. For adventure seekers, the Canyon offers white water rides and rugged hikes. And for people who are most interested in people, the community drawn to and fostered by a trip down the river is like no other.

Here are four types of people you can look forward to meeting on the river.

1-Guests from around the world – The Grand Canyon is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. You will hardly find a person in any country who hasn’t heard that such a place exists, and many are determined to visit it. And everyone you encounter, no matter where they are from, will have one thing in common with you: wonder at the beauty of the canyon.

2-Visitors of all ages – Hatch River Expeditions has hosted guests as young as 8 and others into their 80s. Each of these people brings a different perspective into the Canyon. Watching the faces of children and adults of all ages light up as they come out of a rapid or turn the corner to a spectacular view can be just as thrilling as experiencing them yourself.

3-People with adventurous spirits – Whether a veteran “river rat” or first time camper, each person who commits to spending a week traversing the Grand Canyon on a raft has at least a touch of adventurer in them. You may find yourself bonding with strangers over the things you love most about the great outdoors.

4-Guides who spend their lives on the river – Not only are your guides incredibly well-versed in Grand Canyon history, science, and river patterns, but they have river living down to a science. These folks spend their summers between canyon walls. They can walk across rubber pontoons with ease, soap down in a muddy river and come out clean, and get all of you safely through the Colorado’s biggest and most technically difficult rapids. And, guides spend all season talking to everyone else on this list, so they’ll never run out of stories to tell!

For people people, Hatch expeditions are unbeatable.

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