January 1st, 2011Can't Drink the Water

What exactly do you drink on a whitewater river trip?

For all Hatch River Expeditions Grand Canyon trips, purified water and lemonade/Gatorade are available at all times on the boat and in camp. Coffee, tea and juices are served at breakfast.

If you would like to have any other beverages such as beer, wine or soda, you must supply them on your own. We recommend using the Beverage Order Form in your trip packet. Optionally, you can buy drinks when you arrive in Marble Canyon (there are several gas stations along the way and in Marble Canyon) or along the way if you’re driving.

If you would like to bring liquor, please transfer it to plastic bottles. Small quantities of wine bottles can be accommodated. Better yet, consider bringing boxed wine!

For FULL and UPPER RIVER trips, we do not have a liquor license so all beverage orders are forwarded to Cliff Dwellers Lodge. Please check with Cliff Dwellers Lodge, before check in to make sure your order has been received and filled. You are responsible for picking up your order!

If you are on a LOWER CANYON TRIP, we will pick up your orders from Cliff Dwellers Lodge and pack them on your raft.

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