Grand Canyon River Trips

The dining experience on a Grand Canyon river trip is a major highlight for our adventurers. We at Hatch River Expeditions want to make sure that each guest enjoys them self and is well taken care of in the ‘eats’ department.

Specific dietary needs can be accommodated by our reservations staff – gluten free, vegetarian, food allergies. Please make note to connect with the reservations staff when booking your Grand Canyon river trip or shortly thereafter, to make sure we have all of your information ahead of schedule. Hatch will often can put you in touch with our Food Pack Manager to make sure we meet your needs as accurately as possible.

The breakdown of the meals throughout the day on Hatch expeditions, are as follows:


Our team most often has a hot and cold breakfast option – but coffee is ALWAYS on the menu. The hot breakfast varies from pancakes to French toast to eggs cooked to order and hash browns galore. We also set up the cold options including: cereal and granola with milk, fresh fruit and juices. Other items that and adventurer might see during breakfast can include: sausage, bacon, bagels and cream cheese, yogurt or English muffins.


Lunch on Hatch expeditions are always served picnic style. You will find a variety of fixins including multiple bread options, luncheon meats – turkey, ham, roast beef, pastrami, etc., cheeses and condiments. Our team generally also offers either chicken or tuna salad along with an assortment of veggies – tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and pickles. Fun surprises may also include chips or even a few Girl Scout cookies to complement the feast. Did we also mention that PB & J is always an option?


The meal is often a highlight of the day where guests can gather around and rave about their great adventures. Expect a feast! Anticipate entrees such as grilled rib-eyes, delicious salmon, Mexican-style burritos, barbeque chicken or mouthwatering spaghetti with garlic bread. You will likely see sides including rice pilaf, baked potatoes, grilled vegetables and roasted asparagus. Are your mouths watering yet?

Green salad with a variety of dressings appear at most dinners. And don’t forget dessert – Dutch oven brownies and cakes with a few possible surprises in between.

The Hatch River Expeditions Experience: Hatch River Expeditions is a leader in Grand Canyon river trips with a kick! Live a once in a lifetime experience with the very best guides, camping accommodations and of course… eats! For more information on Hatch expeditions, visit:

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