A lot of planning goes in to a Grand Canyon river trip. Below find a few questions we get often in the Hatch office.

11. How should I prepare for my upcoming trip?

Please read through ALL pre trip materials. We do our best to inform guests about the trip at the time of booking but the materials we provide go into much more detail. Looking at the packing list well in advance can help the planning process in case guests need to purchase items like shoes that need to be broken in ahead of the trip. Guests can find a lot of details about transportation and inclusions in these packets.

Also, step up your physical activity if possible. Going on a hike on uneven terrain will help tremendously for the unmaintained trails found in Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon remains a wilderness area so being physically prepared may help guest’s enjoyment tremendously. See the sheet on physical preparedness in your pre trip materials.

22. Do I really need rain gear?

Yep. Though temperatures in the canyon can reach well over one hundred degrees, the water temperature stays around 50 degrees all year long. Having at the minimum a rain jacket can repel those exhilarating waves of water in the rapids. It also never hurts to have rain gear in case of an afternoon monsoon as well. Those typically run from July through September.

33. Where do I go to the bathroom?

Per NPS regulations, we recommend going #1 directly into the river. Guests either squat or wade into the water. Men go one way and women the other. Portable toilets called “groovers” get set up at camp in a secluded area for #2. But don’t worry if you can’t separate the two and just take care of both at the groover. If #2 needs to happen while out on a hike, just let a guide know and they can provide you with a “wag bag” to dispose of it properly.

44. What gear does Hatch provide?

Pretty much the only items guests need to bring are personal gear – see your packing list for recommendations. Each guest gets two water resistant dry bags. One dry bag is for a small backpack and items needed during the day. The second is larger and is used to put guests’ full duffels in while rafting.

Hatch provides all camping equipment including a camp chair and a 3-person tent per two guests. On Motorized trips guests get a sleep kit including a camp cot, commercially laundered sleeping bag and pillow with pillow case, sheet and a ground cloth. On Oar trips guests get a sleep kit including a paco pad, commercially laundered sleeping bag and pillow with pillow case, sheet and a ground cloth. We also provide all eating utensils and plates for meals though we don’t provide napkins as we try to limit our waste while on the river.

55. How long are we on the rafts during a typical day?

Usually no more than 3-5 hours per day. Guides stop about ever 1-2 hours for a side canyon hike, swim or for lunch so guests can stretch their legs.

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